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Thread: See, I have this problem...

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    Default See, I have this problem...

    Where, everytime I am ultra relaxed I get this... raging boner. (relaxing in a hot tub, sitting out on a mountain, right before sleeping) Now, I am not turned on in anyway, I don't have that "feeling"... however, no matter what I do I cannot rid myself of it. I know it is common for a young male to be a little... "sporadic" but, when you are having a babyish roll play in real life it can really spoil the mood.
    I've tried pinching it, ice, hitting myself >_> to no avail.

    How does one combat unwanted erections?

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    You could lop it off, but I wouldn't recommend it. Think unsexy thoughts.

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    Yeah, the best thing to do in those situations are to just think of something very unarousing, and it doesn't have to be like "Think of an ugly old person" or something like that. Just think about something completely unsexual, like an assignment you have for school, or what you're going to have for dinner, anything of that nature.

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    You tried hitting yourself O.o that can lead to a very weird sexual tendency....

    I will be blunt and try and help:

    Anyway, do you masturbate often? Maybe you are just not doing that enough.


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    I'm afraid you have, the sex drive of a quite normal teenage guy, and it dosen't go away with age, it slows a bit but never go's away.

    I guess your just normal drew, the only thing I did...well your probably already doing it.

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    Try to think of Pineapple's and then guys. supposedly worked for my friends to kill their boners. I have no idea why though. It has worked for me about 2 times... I suppose its so random or something like that you concentrate on that instead of trying to to kill the boner wich should make it even harder, Thats what I think but I could be totaly wrong!

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    Just think about something else...You don't necessarily have to think of something un-arousing, just anything to get your mind off of it...I'd say it's normal though

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    When it happens, just start doing push-ups. Because honestly, when was the last time you had a boner while doing push-ups? :p :p :P

    In all seriousness...yeah, other people have said the key things. Sometimes it's just a matter of being patient, sometimes it's the right thoughts, and sometimes it's masturbating to get rid of it by maxing it out.

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    Why not lay back and enjoy it? I don't think you will ever have another one after you're dead. I started to get one today while loading DVD programing onto all the computers remotely. It was boring and I was trying to stay awake. Then I thought, OMG, I'm alive! It went away after that. The mere joy of bonerhood was more than I could take.

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