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    why hello there golfcub now i cant say that i do golf but i have once and it was fun, now just to let you know i do a thing here called news with k wolf so please when you have the time do peak in ^^

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    I'm not a big fan of golf myself, but living in the same county as St Andrews Old Course means I've been forced into either playing or watching a few games here and there.

    My favourite is always the 19th hole, am I right?!

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    Is that the game where you´re supposed to miss the ball, start yelling, and throw the golf club through windows?
    Yeah, I really like that one.

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    Hey kwolf1175, you remind me of Three Dog, disc jockey at Galaxy News Radio in Fallout 3. Since it isnt great wx for golf ive been playing a lot of said video game. BTW, check out Tiny's avatar, it reminds me of Vault-boy.

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    You live in Scotland!!!!!!! I want to come and play golf with you! I'm a single-digit handicap, so I can help you out with your game.

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    Not exactly. It can get frustrating sometimes, thats for sure! swing smoothly with minimal head movement while using proper technique and wath that ball take off like a rocket!

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    Calm and Composure are necessary for good golf as is proper techinique. If you can get to bardstown this coming spring or summer I can get you help with your game, as I work at Bardstown Country Club.

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    Default golf

    I suck at golf, but I love it. Golf has probably been the best sport I've ever played, up until last year I didn't even know that my high school had a golf team and I had a great time.

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    Broken 85... used to play a TON but as of late I've had issues with my hands and feet swelling after about 6 holes... So I've never really been able to press through that and get good, but I've broken 40 on some fronts a few times. it's a wonderful game.

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    why thank you cub i must say that is one of my top rpg games i like to play ^^

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