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    So I tried putting on the prevail pm brief last night, suffice to say it didn't go very well. I placed the diaper down, tabs behind me and I laid down. Well of course I didn't realize that the tabs were refastenable and I didn't need to peel the refastenable part off to get to the tab so I did. I got one to fasten and pulled a little too hard on the other and it ripped. So now I focused on the other side and I finally saw that there was no need to get rid of the blue plastic covering the adhesive tab so I placed the other two tabs on the diaper and stood up when the side with the one tab fell off and would not stick back on. Sad because I basically had to throw 1.50 down the drain

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    Everyone screws up a little at first but you get better, even your second attempt will be miles better than your first one. Just take your time and be gentle and it should all work out well in the end.

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    I've done that mistake on an abena, but some tape fixed it. Think of it as a learning experience. Once you make the same mistake enough times you try hard enough to never do it again.

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    I think I tried that once. Diapers feel very weird taped on backwards. There's just enough of a difference in the placing of the padding. (I thought it might help with wetting while side sleeping, since the padding is spread a little wider in the rear of the diaper... and it actually does help a small amount)

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    If you are fully mobile it often seems easier to put a diaper on while you are standing up with a wall or door to lean on - lean against the wall and slip the diaper behind yourself - then pull up the front between your legs and fasten the tapes - if it is a diaper with 2 tapes each side fix the bottom ones first then adjust the top ones to fit snugly around your waist. I find this easier than lying down and having to try to get the diaper in the right position - maneuvering is easier if you are standing up and can just lean forward to allow the diaper to be slid into the right place.

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    I've broken a few tapes in my time nothing to worry about. If its a more expensive diaper like Bambino's you could try tape or a belt so its not a total waste. Or you could put tight pants or elastic underwear over them to hold them on. But make sure their tight, because otherwise they'l leak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dayannight View Post
    If you are fully mobile it often seems easier to put a diaper on while you are standing up with a wall or door to lean on - lean against the wall.
    As I got older and became not fully mobile it got harder to put a diaper on while laying down. I too find it much easier to put the back on my back and hold it in place by backing up to a wall. Then pull it up in front making sure the back and the front are at the same height and tape it. It seems to fit better using that method too. Never tried taping the lower tapes first then working up but I'll give it a try. I'm sure you'll work out the best way for you too.

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    I have ripped a few tapes off in my day, however, I've NEVER thrown a dry diaper away. What you do with it is fold the "wings" behind the middle part of the diaper so all yuou see from the front is the padding.

    Lay this in the middle of a new diaper using it as a doubler.. Lie down or stand up against a door or wall, pull the first layer up between your legs, reach down and pinch it just below your crotch to tear a small hole in it then pull straight up the middle or just leave the small hole.

    Then pull the outside diaper up and starting with the bottom tapes, secure it.

    Now thats an enjoyable thick diaper .... Not wasted, still getting use out of it.

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