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Thread: Help hosting a ABDL Event

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    Post Help hosting a ABDL Event

    Hi all
    I believe that this is in the right area (my first time posting)

    Anyway as the title suggests I would like help hosting an AB/DL event.

    My family will all be away for a while and I will be left house sitting. My house is pretty large and also quite private, but besides treating it like a normal party I have no idea what would be a good thing/s to do.

    The goal of me hosting this event is that I become a person that is always invited to other meets/gatherings/parties.

    Any help/suggestions??
    Like should a buy baby food?
    Like should I get people to bring ABDL stuff with them (I donít have that much myself)
    Please help....Am so nervous but am also excited all at once.

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    Well, how long are you expecting to have your guests? also how many guests are you planning on having come over? Make sure you have a nice blend of babies, caretakers/mommies/daddies (if thats what your looking for) really its just figuring out what other people want.

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    If you are inviting people from ADISC, you can't post this in this place, it must go in the EC+ forum, which you don't yet have access to (need to be an active member for 7+ days and have 20+ posts)

    Do you know enough AB's to invite that would be able to come to make it successful? From the way you worded this, I have a feeling you don't, and you are trying to meet with strangers. If that is your goal, I'd say give up now. There aren't loads of AB's in Australia, and people would be unlikely to attend. Plus there aren't many ABDL parties and events that really take place to my knowledge, other than well established things such as the ABC in London, United Kingdom where you will find quite a lot of AB/DLs. But for you, getting yourself heard and taken seriously if you aren't well known and don't have experience, it will be really difficult

    If you do know people then go for it. I would then say the best way to do things is get talking to the group of people you are inviting all in one place (Skype group chat?) and you can discuss how you want it to go, what sort of things you want to do, and what stuff you want others to bring with them, how you want people to dress and things like that.

    (One final thing about buying baby food, most adults appear not to like it going by the people I have talked to about it)

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    As far as I know I am not inviting anybody from ADISC I actually need to ask my friends if they are members or not
    As far as the length of time in inviting people over I would say several hours to overnight (or however long they want) and in terms of the number of people I would say 5-15
    Also this is intended as help ONLY, I understand that I can not post invites here.

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    Do you know these other ABDLs, or are these people from the internet? Or do you actually know 5-15 people who you think would be open to it. Also, if you don't know them I would advise not letting know where you live.

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    The ones that I hope to invite I have met about 7 and would be happy if those 7 bring along someone as well. Of-course I would have to be asked in advanced

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