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    Just a tip, something I do.

    I like to wear Diapers at my house, when I'm alone.
    I don't like wearing pants over them though, and going "Commando" is both cold and risky, as not all of my windows have curtains yet.

    So, what I do, is I wrap a thin, somewhat small blanket around my legs and waist, then fold down the top bit to make it a skirt, or kilt.

    Then, if someone peeks in my window, all they see is some guy in a makeshift skirt! Which, while odd, is a lot better than seeing a guy in a diaper. And it's a lot easier to take off then pants.

    What do you guys think? Is this weird?

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    Well if you used a towel instead you could always pretend you just got done in the shower

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    Tut tut, a guy wearing a skirt ? whatever next ?
    Do whatever you like hun, so-long as your not harming anyone else. I did for a moment think of you doing that next to a main road and causing loads of traffic accidents. *chuckles*

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    What ever makes you happy I have curtains on all of my windows except the one in my kitchen and I have been known to walk around with just a diaper and t-shirt. Just my backyard out that window but I guess someone could still see me. But I dont care really

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