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    Hey I've been away awhile and I thought i'd reintroduce myself I am my username hehe and I've been into this awhile I love reading acting and participating in the Ab/dl Lifestyle, also loooking for new friends in New Zealand theyre hard to find so stop hiding hehe!

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    Hello again and welcome. There is a group from your neck of the woods so if you stay on a while and read the threads, you'll find them. They too talk about the limited numbers of diaper lovers, but there are probably more of you than you know. So what do you do to fill your time. I'm a musician and a writer, and I enjoy riding my Trek bike when the weather's warm.

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    I'm a top level gamer haha I also enjoy reading and researching things people call odd and strange but I enjoy them im also about to start studying physics next year

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    Hi again
    Myself from Australia sorry its not NZ but pretty close
    Anyway Am also a gamer, any particular games you play?

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    Warcraft mostly lol haha um love the AC series just finished that also love jrpgs!

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    Jeez I need to get back on the forums more... How's it going? I'm an NZ member too, located approximately a third of the way up the South Is. I would normally spend more time online here than I have been lately (read: none) but after NCEA I've been so busy with work, socialising etc... Welcome back anyway, and hope to see you around here more often!

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