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Thread: I'm leaveing(Not forever)

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    Default I'm leaveing(Not forever)

    I have to go away for a while because my hard drive just fucked over. And is dieing along with some asshole whoput a killer virus on it. So till i get the thing fixed(and backup my porno) I is off. Unless I jack one of my parents laptops which still will not allow me much time because I have to do reports and such :P So see you when I fix my CPU.(Yes I do mean what it stands for cause the thing s being shot to.)

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    Viruses dont damage hardware

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    But it's certainly a good idea to make a backup

    Good work to catch it before it destroys everything.; I always say that wiping a hard drive is the very last resort. It takes almost as much time to start over and get to where you want to be as it does to eradicate the problems.

    Absolutely the first thing, though, is to make that backup. You knew that already, I see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corri_aka_Drew View Post
    Viruses dont damage hardware
    they can, just by overclocking the hardware and by-passing the fail-safes, causing the hardware to burn out.
    anyways I hope you can fix it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corri_aka_Drew View Post
    Viruses dont damage hardware
    the virus is wiping out my files and Corrupting my hard drive So in a way it is damaging my hard drive. And it was not just the virus that Damaged my hard drive it started to over heat lately because it was trying to run a bunch of stuff. And it has heat damage. Bad I'm thinking about scraping my acers Internal Stuff and redoing it compleatly if i can not get it running again(Will not do it if I get my tablet PC)

    And it looks like I will have to Reformat it >.< After I back up some websites, reports, stories, email account info, the info for my Plug in and art programs onto a flash drive. I can barely get into safe mode on the damn thing let alone normal mode.

    Good thing of having three laptops in your family Someone is not always using it and I installed firefox on it :3

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    Yeah, I was going to suggest safe mode, but obviously you're already there. I wiped out my video board on my old computer and went into safe mode to retrieve, so good luck. Sounds like you may be purchasing a new hard drive if it overheated.

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    Melted :P I think it was that or the tape that made the smell. although I am going to wipe my hard drive anyway and put on XP.

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    HOT DAMN!!!!
    7 hours of shiting around in deleting the corrupt files then restoring it to a few weeks ago I got my laptop back. :3 yay is me And I also got my paypal activated. XD

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    I knew it was possible !! Now make a good backup so if something happens again (like a real HD crash) you at least have a working operating system and your basic resources.

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    Sounds like you're back up to 100% again. That's what you can do when you're computer savvy. Me, I'd just be throwing my arms up in frustration and calling for my computer geek son to come in and fix it.


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