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Thread: Hey Everyone, I'm back!

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    Talking Hey Everyone, I'm back!

    I know I haven't been very active lately and was still inactive a bit before my last period of activity, so most of you probably don't know me. But, for those that remember seeing me pop up every once in a while, I just wanted to let you all know I'm starting to pop up again.

    I've been so caught up with real world life that ADISC got thrown on the back burner and I've neglected to keep in touch with my friends and offer the limited advice I have.

    Things have been great for me though.

    I got both my drivers license and a car.
    I'm getting enrolled in college after almost a year and a half of taking a break since graduation.
    I've found a new mixed martial arts gym and am in some of the best shape of my life (not to mention am preparing for some upcoming fights).
    I've returned from working at a Boy Scout Camp to find a revitalized sense of purpose in developing my hometown troop and helping to guide the boys and aide the adults.
    I've become much more in tune with my spirituality.
    I've gotten a bunch of baby items to help with regression.
    I've finally tried regression and loved it.
    I got a bunch of new diapers to experiment with.
    Things in life are starting to make sense again.
    And most importantly, all of the above things have made me signifcantly happier and much better equipped to deal with the constant barrage of stress in my life.

    I don't want to jinx myself, but I would really like to get better acquainted with more people on this site because I feel myself constantly drifting away from it, which isn't good. I owe a lot to this site and the people in it, and feel a need to give back in some way.

    Plus I just plain miss how open and awesome most people are on here. Never have I felt so happy and accepted in my life than when I first found this site!

    Thanks everyone! It's good to be back.

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    welcome backish
    good luck with the fights - don't lose [any teeth]

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    I hope not! But my mouth guard has a lifetime warranty to cover up to $200,000 in medical bills if my teeth do get damaged while using it lol. Ideally I'll just try not to take too many face shots and it should be good

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