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    Lightbulb Diaper Tape Extender

    Dunno If people have thought of this idea before, but I fouund a way to extend the diaper tapes on baby diapers if you're close to fitting in them, but aren't quite there yet.

    I recently bought a pack of pampers cruisers size 7 and huggies overnights size 6. The size 6's don't fit at all, and the size 7's fit just barely, but would work even better if the tapes were longer and the diaper was a tad bit bigger (if only, if only...)

    So, in order to not waste my money on the huggies, I decided to use them as stuffers, but stuffers can be annoying if you have those hard diaper tapes scratching you. So I cut off the tape tabs on the overnights, attached the pampers tape to the removed tabs, and it gave me those few extra inches I needed to make them fit pretty comfy now! Still low on me, but the fact that I could wear a baby diaper again was phenomenal to me, whether it was perfect or not.

    Anyone else try this or something similar?

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    Extenders have been long discussed in ADISC but their an important subject for all AB/DLs so on we go. I use "tightie whitey" elastic, hot melt glue, a landing zone and velcro tab from a baby diaper to make extenders that make baby diapers fit a full size adult in a thong like manner. It is not as bad as it might sound as most baby diapers have way more SAP than adult ones and can hold ludicrous amounts of pee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigKid25 View Post
    Anyone else try this or something similar?
    Here's what I do.

    ...but there are many ways to do it, and yours is perfectly reasonable. I've lately been playing with various clumsily-sewn (by hand) fabric extenders that increase the length of the diaper in back so as to allow it to come up a bit higher in front. Still refining that recipe, though!

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    Here's something that I had tried doing: When I collect the diapers, I would rip out the tabs and hold on to those. Once I collect enough, I staple them together to make sure that they make fit onto what diaper/training pant I wear. (That's only IMO)

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    I do the same as above; just rip the velcro tabs off the previous diaper and attach to get the extra inch that I need to make the tapes meet. It's nice to be a skinny bastard. :P

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    I modify the whole diaper. I will take 4 at a time and attach them 2x2. The only problem I have is that when I do this the diaper wears out faster and it becomes more noticable. To attach them together I will often use staples. If you get the staples in the right position, you won't feel them at all. I am also known to use tape, which I recently back off of using. My dad has been noticing that alot of tape been going missing so that why I rarely use tape. I love the way I modify the diapers because it is unquie to me.

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    One could conquer the world with duct tape, zip ties, and a swiss army knife. Just sayin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    One could conquer the world with duct tape, zip ties, and a swiss army knife. Just sayin.
    Would actually love to see a diaper extended with theses items, that would be very funny I think, I saw my nephew diaper was once duct taped on him (he had a lot of fun during his naptime that my aunt didn't like, lets say that its not easy to cleanup the results)

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