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    Why do people think that they have to BATHE in colegne....
    Some of us get bad headaches from strong smells. I was at the mall today , shopping with my birthday money and this guy walked by, reeking of colegne , and the rest of the night i have had a bad headache .

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    You and me both! I can't stand to smell someone that has dumped the entire bottle of perfume or cologne on themselves. It's almost as bad as smelling cigarette smoke! I get a headache from that too!

    Maybe they couldn't take a shower that day so they covered up the B.O. with a bottle or two! LOL

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    Just in case a plot for world domination by an evil genius breaks out. They can instantly become The Human Torch with the help of a cigarette lighter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Just in case a plot for world domination by an evil genius breaks out. They can instantly become The Human Torch with the help of a cigarette lighter.
    I was so tempted to do that the other day with my lighter and some Febreeze :3

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    I agree that too much is nasty, but I can't say I agree with those who think all perfume should be illegal.

    I enjoy wearing perfume and body spray, of course I don't bathe in it, (like I said - Nasty!) but I do like some perfume.

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    No, some is nice, I'll admit that. I even use cologne once in a while. But people that use the whole bottle or vial in one application should be banned from public places. There is no reason to drown yourself in it.

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    I can't stand the stuff. The worst thing is this one teacher at my school would literally attack people with deodorant or air freshener. He did to me once, I almost through up. It was horrible. I hate the smell of it - I really don't see the point of perfumes for women or colognes for men - to me they almost always don't smell nice in the slightest.

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    I don't see a problem with it. I have never had to experience it alot.

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    Cologne or nasty unbathedness? Guy in my strength class like that, smell radius is around 5 feet. I hate both equally, but Cologne spammers a greater quantity because there are more of them.

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