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    Default Crinkle fox tails

    Hi I'm looking for some sort of fox tail that can go inside a diaper and survive and by that I mean not get matted with my business and not smell thanks

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    You could always find a way to pin it do your diaper. Or wear two diapers, with a hole in the outer one for your tail to stick out. I've done the latter before, it was cute. It would be nice to have an easier solution though that didn't require ruining a diaper. I guess it wouldn't be too hard to make a diaper cover or plastic pants with a tail attached to the back.

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    I'm a thinker so I can't just pin it I would have to do open heart surgery on the diaper and the tail only to ruin them both and get pissed but the two diaper thing sounds great we've all seen those pics with the -insert animal here- with the hole in the diaper for the tail and it looks soooo cute DO WANT

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    I am sure that I have seen dogdiapers somewhere, they have a hole in them for a tail. Then use plastic pants over the top. Tail than stays relatively clean and dry.

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    The combination of dog diapers and a tail intrigues me. I'd like to see a picture of that XD. Btw, Tiddles, what do you mean with the plastic pants?

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    What kind of diaper are you going to use? What your asking would be done best on a cloth diaper that could be sew right to it. With a disposable your only choices are pin it or rip a hole in to secure it from the inside. Also there is no tail out there that wont get matted unless it a plastic one.

    ....or one last way... but .... yeah...i dont think it something that you comfy for a long time... XD

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    I heard of those type of diapers but they usually are about the size as some of the biggest baby diapers get....

    I got one web site for ya: Disposable Dog Diapers | Save up to 50% (I was going to order some for my IC cat but she died a few weeks ago)Yeap....They usually are about the same size as baby diapers are....

    Your going to have to get some diapers that fit you and place the hole where the tail would go....Kind of easy with a foot ruler and sizzors.

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    I figured they would have big diapers for big dogs. Bigger than baby diapers.
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    Get a Pocket watch clip, attach tail. Hook clip to diaper.

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