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Thread: How can you get comfortable enough to use your diaper when your in class in college

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    Default How can you get comfortable enough to use your diaper when your in class in college

    So today I went to class today and I got too nervous to try to pee in the diaper while in class. Part of me feels like it would be wrong to do, as if you need to go, you go in the bathroom. As of now I only feel comfortable going into it when at school, when I go into the bathroom.

    I guess a positive of this is, is that I normally have a small bladder and by wearing an adult diaper, it's helping strengthening my bladder as I am peeing far less by being in the diaper as I don't have the same amount as nervousness about needing to make it to the toilet on time to go to the bathroom. I've gone from needing to pee about every 60 minutes -90 minutes to now going 3 hours without going (when out and about while wearing the diaper). Even last week I went 8 hours without taking a pee when wearing the diaper.

    So how can I get better at being okay with taking a leak in the diaper when out in public? I seem to be better able to do it in the diaper when I'm either at home or when I'm taking a quick trip to the store and drank a bit more than normal amounts of fluids.

    Have you ever wore at college? If so, how was that for you?

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    I think its a matter of your mind being able to tell the bladder that its ok to go. In the other situations your comfortable in your surroundings. Something about being at college, is giving your bladder subtle signals not to release

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    Umm....assuming you don't have to risk a urine smell or anything...I would imagine perhaps try to drink a lot of water and hold it in before class? Then don't excuse yourself for the bathroom? That would kinda force it. Perhaps after you do that a fair few times your bladder will simply say, "I'm in class, time to pee." o.O

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    Practice practice practice! I find going in public was easier at first to do standing and not moving. Sitting and peeing was tough and still is to an extent. Walking and peeing was also tough. Practice will make it easier as you begin to trust that no one will know and you won't leak! I'm sure there is a physical element that make it difficult but the mental inhibition is what you need to work on. Start small and work up from there would be my suggestion.

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    Practice = experience = (diaper) maturity. When you stop associating using your diaper with doing something wrong, you'll have no problems. Allow yourself to enjoy the freedom the diaper gives you. I don't recommend holding it in - flooding a diaper is a good way to cause an inadvertent leak, causing trust issues with using the diaper in the future. A good article relating to learning to use your diaper (AB daddy site, seems reasonable) Wet Diapers and the Adult Baby: Things a Daddy Should Know : ABDL Daddy – Adult Babies from a Dad's Perspective

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    Wear lined plastic pants over your disposable, and wear a premium disposable. That will provide extra peace of mind.
    Get to class early and, as above, practice.

    Get in touch with the psychology department and participate in an experiment. You will find some professor eager for new ideas! (I'm being sardonic here, rather than sarcastic.)

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    The average brain is just wired not to urinate in unfamiliar circumstances, there's nothing unusual about your difficulty wetting while in class. As stated above, it'll take practice to get more "control" over your bladder in those different settings. It may actually help your IC too.

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    If you are too nervous about doing it in class why not try to do it at the movies first. This way you can get comfortable wetting around others and the loud noise of the movie masks the sound and if the unfortunate happens and you leak, the place is dark enough that you can easily escape into the bathroom and change.

    I have worn at college, when walking around wore a sweater tied around my waist and also brought stuff to change into if I leaked. Like the others have said, it really is just practice, after awhile it does become easier.

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