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Thread: It's been a long while but...

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    Default It's been a long while but...

    I'm back, and unless unforseen events change this, it's for good. A few of you may remember me, I wasn't around long when I was here originally (back when it was the old site). I had a friend move in with me, which made access to this site almost impossible (He was sharing the room with me). Now he is gone, I have my room to myself and I can start fresh. To anyone that remembers me (I still remember Dethklok_Rules, is he still around?) good to see the site is still going strong. To all others: Hi! I'm Ultima (I only give my real name to those I at least converse SOMEWHAT with lol), I'm 19 and I live in Florida. I enjoy quiet nights and long walks on the beach (No, but really most of you will get to know my personality and likes/dislikes from posts, so...yeah )

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    Welcome back, I do remember you (Got to love good memory)

    Yea, deathklok is still around.

    Enjoy and don't forget to post.

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    It's been a while. Glad you got a room to yourself again. Welcome back

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    Yes, good memory is definetly a good thing =D I finally have the time to contribute what I originally wanted to give to this community so expect to see me MUCH more often. I'm glad to know some people still remember me (and especially glad to know dethklok is still here), I tried my best to start off well when I first came here, so I guess I did alright =P

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    Not so good memory anymore here. But, welcome back Ultima. Hope you can stick around longer this time.


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    Well like I said, unless fate throws something akward in my direction, there's nothing stopping me from being the member I've always wanted to be.

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