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Thread: Just got my free sample of xtreme fit's

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    Default Just got my free sample of xtreme fit's

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to give a quick review on the Xtreme Fit Briefs. I just got a free sample of them from their website. The sample is actually 100% free, didn't need to give any credit card info or anything, there was no charge, which is really nice. If you want, you can get a free sample from their website: Keep it Simple with Stretch (mods, please feel free to remove the link if I'm not allowed to post it).

    Anyway, I requested the free sample a little less than two weeks ago, so that's pretty prompt as free samples seem to go. They came in very discreet packaging, the return address was listed as "First Quality" from some warehouse in Pennsylvania and they came in a plain large envelope, no indication as to its contents at all. Nothing at all like the very obvious packaging that free samples of underjams come in. Also, they come with two briefs in the size that you choose.

    As for sizing, there are two sizes available, regular and a very large size. The regular should fit most people as they are designed to fit up to a 48" waist. Normally, I use large size diapers due in part to my ummm... body by budweiser physique, but the regulars fit me just fine with quite a bit of room to spare. I would imagine the large size would be huge, even on me.

    This truly is a one tape per side adult diaper, the only one I have ever seen. Personally, I'm not much for the *B thing, but I know a number of folks look for something with only one tape per side, and well, these are them. They are constructed somewhat strangely, they have a stretchy size which has a really good stretch, so unlike other adult diapers that you more or less wrap around yourself, these have a stretch panel which helps fasten the back to the front. Quite an interesting concept actually. Also, this is a cloth backed diaper, which is fine and almost silent. It has standing leak guards as well as a wetness indicater, at least I assume it's a wetness indicator. The tapes are also the "velcro" fastening type which are found on CVS style cloth backed briefs and they seem to hold quite well, even when fastened tightly as I did. The tapes say "Prevail" on them, so I assume this brief is manufactured by Prevail, so I would assume something about mid-grade in terms of quality

    As for how noticeable it is under clothes, well it's fairly thin, again on par with CVS brief's thickness and it is quiet and does not ride up high like abena's, nor does it come up as high as the CVS type, so I would be fairly confident wearing it under clothes as it does not seem very noticeable at all.

    That's all I got for you for now. For a free sample that comes discreet, it's worth a try. I can't comment on absorption yet, but I will report on that when I can make an accurate judgment.

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    Just ordered my sample from them. Hope to here how they are for you.

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    Well, I can now comment on their capacity, and I will say that in this respect, they are disappointing at best. I would rate their absorption as somewhere between depend refastenables and the depend fitted briefs, neither are great, and neither are these.

    At least the price was right, and they are kind of cool looking.

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    these have been available for a year or so as a sample

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    I got these. If you have a less then 32" (around what my waist is, more or less) waist then they're crap. Those things are HUGE. The sides are stretchy like pampers, but the concept would only work on a very large person. (Note, my idea of a very large person might be slightly skewed >.<) . The fit is terrible. When I would tape them, they would literally reach all the way around my front and then start heading to the back, haha and because of this, the legs were loose, and when I wet it, it leaked horribly.

    It might be worth it to those who have no other means of getting a diaper but even for a free diaper, it's a piece of crap.

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    I wonder if you can write more information so I can put this in the wiki.

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    Quote Originally Posted by betagame View Post
    I wonder if you can write more information so I can put this in the wiki.
    What else would you like to know? From what I have found, they are abnormally constructed one tab cloth backed adult sized diapers with lackluster absorbency. I think that sums these up in a nutshell.

    And betagame, feel free to put this in the wiki if you like. I meant to do it myself, but the thought of the editing and the typing and the mouse clicks to do so, well I just didn't feel like doing it.

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    I have pics of these if naybody wants to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypnotized View Post
    I have pics of these if naybody wants to see.
    *points to gallery* That's what it's for

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    hmm i ordered a pair i put in my adress and stuff and that was all it did.. wierd

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