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    Hi all, I've been a member for a while now, but I've always lurked so now it's time to get out and post. This is the first I believe. Anyway, I'm a diaper lover, and secretly an ab. I'm 29, male, live in Michigan. I'm engaged and she knows about my diapers, and encourages me to wear them. I'd like to wear more often, but I, like most, go in stages of liking them and then being like "wtf am I doing?!". I've never gotten rid of anything, and I have cases of diapers at home. I love abenas and dry 24/7's, but really enjoy the styling of the abu cushies and bambinos. I've always wanted to try cloth.

    By being an active member here, I hope to open my fiance up to the ab side of things and to learn how to be comfortable wearing. I'm always nervous when I wear, even at home. I've only worn out in public a couple of times. I'm always worried that people will notice. I know it's in my head, but I also love the thicker diapers so they do stand out a bit more.

    As far as I go, like I said I'm 29, I've got two daughters, I'm a automotive maintenance facility owner, I like shooting sports, video games, movies, music, technology, the normal. And I suppose that's about it for now

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    Hey there, welcome to posting to the site =p! Its is always good to break out of the lurker role and start getting more involved, not that people need to but still. That is good you don't get rid of anything when you hit the perge part of the cycle, so many people do end up getting rid of everything then maybe a month or two etc. hate they did it.

    As for opening your fiance up, there are some posts by members who try/tried to get their spouses more involved so could check out a few of those posts, and just ask questions and such on how to go about. With the other one, well same thing! xD

    What genre of games do you tend to like to play?

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