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    The new hitman game is in my opinion the best one to date.

    I've seen couple of reviews saying it was too easy with too many cutscenes, but in my opinion it's actually more difficult for me to achieve the silent assassin award and the cutscenes add great to the story that has already impressed me for what I've played so far.

    So what are your guy's thoughts on the new hitman game?

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    Haven't played it yet actually, will do so around Christmas

    Big fan of the previous games however, Blood Money was a lot of fun

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    Well, unfortunately it's not at all like the previous Hitman. Now it has a cheesy story and small levels.

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    Iīve been a huge fan of the Hitman series ever since Codename 47, and I think the game has always managed to become at least a little better with every new part.
    Okay, Contracts was not that good, but still.
    The cutscene which made you think 47 was about to kill himself for a moment was just great.

    Now, other than the prequels, Absolution tells a more personal, emotional story.
    That seemed like the perfect base for another awesome Hitman game, and when I watched the first trailer, my brain exploded with wishes and ideas for this long-awaited game.
    Now that Iīve played it... well, I canīt say itīs the best Hitman game. Itīs different.

    Blood Money was pretty much everything I had always wanted from the franchise, and after six years of waiting for something even better, Iīm not sure what to say.
    Absolution, of course, is more dynamic, more realistic, everything a modern gameīs supposed to be.
    But it has itīs bad sides. Sometimes I feel like Sam Fisher, and not like 47. Sometimes the AI is... an AI. Sometimes the disguise system makes absolutely no sense and reminds me that, after all, this is just a video game. Some scenes are just unnecesseraly funny/stupid.
    The story was nice, but the end just didnīt convince me (though I have to admit it makes me look forward to part 6 ^^).
    All in all, itīs a great game, and Iīm sure Iīll spend a lot of time with the contracts mode.
    I think you could say itīs „worse than Blood Money“, but in my opinion, comparing those two isnīt fair. Absolution is not worse. Itīs different, goes a new direction. And seriously, in a time of CoD/Battlefield/Other generic first person shooter-Clones, Iīm glad Square Enix was brave enough to experiment with one of their masterpieces.
    My money was well spent.

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