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Thread: Aussies I need your help!

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    Hey guys,
    I am seeking any retailers of plastic backed medium sized nappies. The current m3 that I'm using is awesome how ever after a few hours of wear ( wet or not) the padding falls between the legs. I am a reasonably active person and pull ups are not an option for what's going into the nappies. So I'm looking for any plastic backed high end nappies and where to get them in bulk from. If only bambino were in Australia!
    Xoxo TSB

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    Hey TSB, Google Totty Bots if ur after bambinos! Also I can't remember where, but I read a recent thread which listed a supplier for plastic backed abenas. A little forum hunting should find it.
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    If you are after a plastic backed nappy in Australia - try the Wellness Brief from Physio Supplies AustraliaUnique Wellness Brief, NASA, Pad, Adult Diaper, Disposable, Sample 1 pad, Australia

    Similar to the M3's in many respects and great tabs.

    They have a Coupon code for a free pack of 2 samples at the moment - just add ADISC during the checkout - so get some for free.

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