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    What if they made all adult diapers with cloth inside of plastic back would you stop wearing? IT is hard for to say i will but i would miss the plastic backs

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    When it gets hot here in Texas I'll wear my Attends breatheables when I'm doing my outdoor activities. I also use undies for a cover. I'll wear my plastic backed when I'm relaxing and sleeping in the
    air conditioning.

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    I don't think so, there's so much variety of diapers available to me. I won't necessarily quit wearing nor would I think it would affect how often. I don't think it would do nothing but having us saying goodbye to something. We will continue on with cloth backed or cloth diapers with plastic pants. But ebay would have increased prices for our urges lol.

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    I am pretty sure I would not, but I would consider it a loss.

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    Plastic was what attracted me in the first place but now that I'm into it the lack of plastic wouldn't stop me.

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    nah, dont have a pref for either cloth or plastic backed... doesnt matter to me...

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    As I'm IC, I wouldn't be able to stop wearing, I'd just make sure to wear plastic pants as well.

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    I hate cloth. They leak out the sides like crazy and the tapes never stay on. I most definitely would stop anyway.

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    I don't get this.. why is "almost" Everyone here "hating" the new type cloth-backed diapers so much?

    I'm Incontinent & a Bedwetter... so I have not much of a choice but to wear diapers, pull-ups, pads...
    And honestly... I LOVE the cloth backed stuff!!!

    My day-time pads or the Pull-Ups are more comfortable (A LOT especially during summer, not having the plastic stick to your legs etc...), much more discrete (good bye crinkle) and have less of an "odd" feel to it.. it's more like some "normal" clothing...
    For the night-time diapers I mostly wear Attends Slip Regular Medium 10... those are plastic/cloth mixed... Sides are only cloth (no waterproof layer at all, and thus REALLY BREATHABLE), center section (main diaper area) is plastic backed... I wish they'd put cloth-type cover over that area too... but they are quite comfy as they are.
    I recently also started to give the new tena Slip Super & Maxi Medium a try... those at least here (it seems to be oddly different in other countries), are completely Cloth-backed... and I love them.. so much better then the old plastic backed ones.
    Also same goes for the new Molicares and the new Abenas without the Plastic.. so much better.

    Leaks? I don't know what you're all hyping about - but at least with the cloth-backed products I use I never had them leak through the material...
    Actually "Cloth-backed" doesn't mean there's no more plastic in there... it's just a different (I guess PU-type) plastic that has been covered up.
    So if made well there's no leaking-through.

    again, I've got to wear... thus for me COMFORT is a very crucial factor... and the less crinkly, sweaty they are, the more comfy I am.
    Thus: Cloth backing Disposable Diapers are a big win for me... (And I guess for most incon. as well, if they give them a chance)

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