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    The last month I took a break from diapers for a number of reasons. I just got a pack today and man does it feel great! It feels so good to have padding under my rear again, I forgot how relaxing it is. Maybe I should take breaks more often, just so I can get back into it all over again.

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    Totally know that feeling! Once in the past couple months I stopped wearing for 3-4 weeks, and it felt great to put on a fresh Bambino when I was able to wear again.

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    I believe its important to take a break every now and again. To much of a good thing can often ruin the enjoyment of anything for you, if you "enjoy it" enough. As my grandfather used to say, "Moderation in all things.....including moderation."

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    I hear that. What a marvelously tranquil effect it has.

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    Welcome back! I often have to take long breaks from being a DL because my work gets intense and I simply don't have the time. But when I finally get back into it, it almost feels even better than I remember!!! I guess absence truly does make the heart grow fonder

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    I've have a break from diapers for probably three months now and I really wished I could buy another pack of diapers.

    Glad to hear you have come back to wearing diapers!

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