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Thread: I need advice

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    Unhappy I need advice

    I realise that I have a huge internet porn. most of it saronding the kink of the omorashi and omutsu, sites and sounds, how do you think I should tell my therapist. Sorry for thwe shit grammor bhut I'm kinda at a cross.

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    Well he knows I have a problem with Inter pr0n and keeps asking what kind? I think it mit be relavent.

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    Explain how you have a problem related to internet porn and perhaps we'll be able to provide you with better advice.

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    The solution here is not to beat off in a public area. Can't you wait until you get home?

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    I can't explain it. i knew it was a bad Idea, but some part of my was just think " I NEED TO GET OFF"

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    Seams like the two of you need to talk about why your looking at porn in a public place and not about what types. Anyways if he wants to know what types just tell him. <_>

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    Well said and I completely agree. It's the context, not the content that matters. Though he may be looking to find out what type of porn your looking at to attempt to offer ways to "cure" you off the obsession with that specific porn, though this may be a bit too assuming on my part.

    Best thing you can do is remembering which head to think with.

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