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Thread: Love to meet people,

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    Default Love to meet people,

    Hi My Name is jack, I'm 21 from Canada and Love the province of British Columbia.

    I love diapers as sexual thing and love to read stories about bed wettin and some little thing called spankings.

    I would love meet some people and have a good time and understand where you are coming from.

    Please drop me a line and we shall connected.

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    Wecome Jack01 to ADISC. Let me the first to tell you that this is a site for support, sharing of ideas and those seeking emotional help as well as hope. Others and I will tell you that it is not a hook up site per say, and the general suggestions are that you spend some time on the site and get to know everybody, just as they need time to learn more about you. If you find some common interests with someone else, that's great, but it is not the primary function of ADISC. Anyway, welcome and check out the Wiki which is very helpful. Enjoy the threads, post, and come up with your own threads. It's a great site with some great people. I have enjoyed my friendships with many here.

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