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Thread: Diaper collectors?

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    Default Diaper collectors?

    Anyone out there that likes to collect diapers?
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    I'm guilty of this. Not completely on purpose tho. When the plastic baby diapers started to go out, and were replaced by the cloth-like cover ones; I went out and bought as many as I could. I used some over the years, but I still have several packages. Same way with some of the different Goodnites. I'll buy a package or two of them, then they'll change the design. I want to try out the new design, so I'll go get some. That leaves me with usually a package of un-opened Goodnites.

    That's about it for me. I haven't used a baby diaper in a long time, and rarely wear Goodnites. It's pretty much Adult diapers only for me now-a-days.

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    I'm a collector of sorts. I have a few rare diapers such as red united colors of benetton, early 90s plastic pampers and luvs, 90s swim diapers, actual vintage 80s adult briefs (rectangle ones with single tape per side), pre tim-fit goodnites, luvs sleepdrys, goodnites boxers, older goodnites prints including the bmx ones (first printed gns), vintage pampers size 7, and a few others. I have a lot of unopened packs of the most recent goodnites because they are such a great print. I also have chinese goodnites, british drynites and drynites bedmats, and british pampers bed mats. I also have diaper/goodnites/pull ups paper ads from the 1950s-2000s.

    I am always looking to buy and sell interesting items. I recently sold a pack of pampers trainers that I found in Europe. I also used to have libero size 7 tape on diapers and size 8 pull ups but had to throw them out. I really want to get my hands on some drynites sleep shorts and some drynites size S with dinosaur prints. I also would love to get some korean goodnites with refastenable sides.

    I Like your avatar. Happies look like a very interesting diaper, the print is spectacular for a baby diaper. The problems with those diapers however are the lack of stretchy sides, and the cost of them is outrageous ($20+ for a single diaper or $200+ for a pack, yikes). They are a lot like mamy poko big diapers from japan- bigger than pampers size 7, but without the elastic they might as well be smaller. They are also a little like tushies which were bigger than size 7 diapers even though they maxed out at size 5, but it was only because they were so thick that they had to be bigger in order to accommodate the same sized baby.

    This post is making me realize how obsessed I am. I think I might have a problem.

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    I have an impressive last one of collection of adult and baby diapers from the last 15 years. I was going to use them up as I'm on a house cleaning binge but might auction them off on ebay or donate them here at ADSIC.Click image for larger version. 

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    I would love to collect different ones in colour and types just to have a variety. However my pharmacy sells like 2 kinds and it's not much of a selection. Eventually some day I'm sure I'll dabble in this a bit but for now I'm happy with what I got.

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    I more of less collect diapers for colection reasons as well but my collect might not be really impressive but @Cottontail or @Pamperchu(he got banned so don't ask) have a wayyyyyy larger collection then I do...

    But my collection is just recent since its been a year since I have opened up and accepted that I have a diaper fetish so as I said,not a very large collection i have...

    I forgot my camera which has all of the pictures but in my small collection I got some diapers from the Cuddle Ups brand that have some really cute turtle diaper tapes but they changed it a few months back,some diapers with Clifford of Big Red Dog,Some of the new Luv's which has a diapered monkey on it,Huggies Little Movers with prints of Winne the Pooh and Tigger: heres what they are

    And i just got some money today so I might think on getting some of the diapers with Dora the Explorer on it but im getting kind of shy about it right now even tho Im getting it online...or i might just get some diapers from amazon like....

    Oh and asking you all crazy diaper collectors...I heard that a brand had these diapers with Dragon Tails prints on them...
    EDIT:WOW!!!! I knew it was on ebay!! DRAGON TALES TRAINING PANTS Boys pull up underwear 4T 5T diaper potty disposable | eBay If you guys have got any,could you give me a peek at one please?

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    I am somewhat of a diaper collector, but the problem was because my parents found it being weird, I kind of frequently never had a chance to collect them. My parents act like I'm a prisoner in a dungeon. I feel rather guilty beating around the bush, but that's something that I can't quite get through. When I am outside, I sneak up some diapers from a trash can when nobody is looking. It seems weird, but that's what seems to come to my mind. I only collect the diapers that are either dry or wet whenever outside. I just wish I could purchase diapers w/o having my parents knowing about it...

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    Does anyone know what brand (and size) the pink diaper is in the picture?
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I like to collect and hold on to two or three of each goodnites design. I have a backpack full of goodnites beginning with the ATV designs (which I think are the first gns with a non-plain white design) because that's when I started buying diapers.

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    Oh hells to the yes! I plan on collecting every single plastic backed diaper I can find, perhaps leave 1 of each for collection purposes as I do intended to use most of those diapers. I'd start out with recent adult diapers, then branch out into vintage adult and baby diapers.

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