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Thread: Looking for an avatar

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    Default Looking for an avatar

    Were can I find an avatar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbiessue43920 View Post
    Were can I find an avatar?
    Google Images, Search for something that interests you? Or draw your own

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    I found mine on google by searching for a cartoon baby of my favorite animal.

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    I found mine when I was looking for pics of Rainbow Dash on google images. :3

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    Anything can be an avatar. I found mine on deviantart which is a great place to find all kinds of art, especially furry and anime stuff. Google/bing/yahoo/etc image searches are also great.

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    I got mine from the awesome artist Pink-Diapers on deviantART ! Her work is amazing, you should check it out!

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    Getting an avatar is the easiest thing one could do!

    First, you can find one on Google images as said above.

    You can also check art websites, such as FurAffinity or DeviantArt for a free or paid art commision, which is when someone draws something for you and gives ypu the result.

    The third way is a bit less honest, but you can also use art drawn by others already. If you take this route, I suggest you ask the artist if you can use it as a gesture of respect. Afterall, they are the talented ones who put hard work into it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbiessue43920 View Post
    Were can I find an avatar?
    I need a golfing bear.

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