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Thread: Refriending on Facebook?

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    Default Refriending on Facebook?

    This might seem like a dumb question but what do you think is the social norm for refriending on facebook? In other words if an ex defriended you should you feel the urge to reconnect or ultimately leave it up to the person who broke contact in the first place?
    Its hard to tell sometimes when girls want guys to chase them but at the same time send signals to stay away? Bottomline: girls don't make any sense

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    i think that if a person has de-friended you, you should leave em be & respect that they do not wish to communicate with you / be associated with you anymore... especially if she is an ex... don't think she is sendin any signals to ya if she is your ex...

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    I agree with Countdown. If someone defriends you and has not made any attempt to reconnect, it's probably best to just let it be and go your separate ways. Facebook is awkward enough without pushing for connections that should probably be left alone.

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    Best thing to do is just say screw it and walk away. If they decide to be friendly again, then you can make the decision on whether or not to reconnect. If not, they've moved on and so should you.

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