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    hey if i order from xp medical on a wednesday - will i get my stuff on friday?? i read on the "shipping" wiki artice that they only ship on saturdays?? is this true??
    i want my diapers friday becasue i am running low on my supply and dont want to have to go get store brand..

    i am paying extra for the "2day shipping"

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    You could e-mail or call them up and ask. I think I e-mailed them once and it was Gary (the owner) who replied to it.

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    No, I don't think they only ship on Saturdays, I've received a number of shipments from them over the last two years, and they have arrived on different days. Generally for me it seems to take a full 7 calendar days to get the shipment, though it probably takes longest for me since I'm assuming that they are shipped for California and I live clear on the other side of the country in rural New York. I'd assume if you live on the west coast or in the midwest that it would be quicker.

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    Yeah I live in Stockton CA about I guess 300 or so miles away and it only takes about 2 days with standard shipping.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Alas... when I order from them, it usually takes 6-8 days for me to get a shipment. But I use them because they sell Molicare and Abena (most don't) and if I order the Attends Breathable, it's the higher quality version. But they're not a fast shipper.

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    Okay, If you live in California you don't have to order 2day shipping. but if you live on the west coast your order will probably come in 4 days to a week max, depending on where you live, [assuming there are no delays]

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    Gary is a fine fellow, email him or give him a call. His customer service is the best I've encountered online. He/they ship from both Michigan and California. I live in CT and get my order in less than a week. I've never used express shipping and can't offer anything on that. Get some Depends, if you must: sometimes we just have to settle for less!

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    Depends are like wearing notthing - and i am starting to ACTUALLY need them @ nite... i emailed xpmedical - and they said if i order wednesday they will arrive by friday...
    so i am going to go with both some abi's and some attends.

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