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Thread: you, me and, our diapers

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    Wink you, me and, our diapers

    So i'll tell you a little about me and my diapers
    Im 15 almost 16 really i wear diapers 24/7 and use it only as my sourse of a bathroom. I am changed by my mommy I told her I wanted to be in diapers agian when I was 10 and thank god she said I could and didnt get all weird between us. I dont really know what else to say about me and my diapers but a little about me in like I love to play tennis and golf and I can be pretty good. Im am also really good in school and im an ok writter just not that good of a speller so lol sorry if you have a hard time sometimes.
    If you wana know anything else just ask me bye bye peps

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    Thread reset due to annoying drama caused mostly by DarkSunDS.

    Lets try this again, shall we? Without the drama this time.

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    Thank you Moo!! Welcome to the forum Grace!! I hope you like it here and I love you!!

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    Whoopps taken care of sorry.

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    Ohh I love diapers too I want to meet you what's your address?

    Oh and I lost 7 rep out of nowhere o.o I think there's a bug in the forums be careful!

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    Ok, now Im going to say it now that you just said that

    Ok, this is my last post on this thread because we are just going back and forth and I do not think that this is necessary in the least. I believe that you have the best intentions but your pursue them very poorly, and I can see where you are coming from because I did the same thing when I was younger on these forums...I think you can ask Monkey and some other members, we had our fair share of this, but after we were told to back off, we learnt, I don't know what it will take you to learn that its just better to state something once and that it is enough for your opinion to be heard and listened to, I understand that you think we don't know where you are coming from, but we do, so there really is no need for this any more. Mods will do their job, just let them, post something in the request forum, but this is not the way to do it. All you can expect from this is sometimes being right, and sometimes being wrong, and when you are wrong in a situation like this, it hurts many people, and that includes the community as a whole, so I understand that you don't believe her, but if you have any respect for this forum you will drop it.


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    That's the problem, that forum -or rather the people on this forum- is losing my trust.

    I don't want to start something again so let's get back on topic shall we? Just needed to post that previous post.

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    Welcome to the forum, Grace.

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    Welcome, Grace. Hope you enjoy your stay here! Be sure to post and don't be afraid to participate!

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