View Poll Results: Which diaper should I get (im 125 pounds. 5'7)

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  • Depends maximum protection

    17 56.67%
  • Goodnites

    11 36.67%
  • Prevail breezers

    2 6.67%
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Thread: I'm giving in

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    Default I'm giving in

    Ive been off diapers for a while and I think I'm finally gonna go and get more. My question to you is which of these 3 should I get; depends maximum protection, goodnites, prevail breezers. I'm about 125 pounds and about 5'7 shy the way.

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    If you knew they were all going to fit you fine, which would you choose?

    I'm a proponent of "diaper adventure." Unless your last $20 or weeks of waiting are at stake, the first thing you try should be the thing you want.

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    yay loan vote is me!! anyway when I first started the breezers were my friend and affordable at my local medical store so I always went for those cause I could not fit into goodnights and depends always leaked.

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