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Thread: What does your diaper bag look like and how do you stock it?

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    Default What does your diaper bag look like and how do you stock it?

    Me, I'll have a Mickey Mouse backpack bought from Walmart's Canadian website, stocked with diapers, wipes, hand soap AND hand sanitizer, a binky, and if necessary for the specific outing in question, a Pokemon lunchbox (bought from Toys N Joys Online - We Carry All of the Current Trends) with food and/or drinks (but the drink would probably be a juice box or a can of pop - I won't DARE be seen with a bottle in public!). Let's hear what other people's d-bags look like and what's in them! I'm interested to see what others will write!

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    Default What does your diaper bag look like and how do you stock it?

    Vera Bradley bags and totes work well and are very colorful.

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    I WOULD NEVER ---- **NEVER**... Get a REAL diaper bag, no way mate...

    For me, being a Bedwetter (read need to take diapers along for all trips (business / private) ) and "mildly" day-time incontinent (pads, pull-ups and rarely a proper diaper) I usually have to take diapers along wherever I go... for daytime, it's at least two pads or a new pull-up or some diapers.
    But those go into a black-drawstring bag inside either my briefcase / backpack / ... or whatever else I got as a luggage / day-go-bag...
    Also I keep a few night-time diapers, daytime stuff in a sports-bag in my car just in case.
    But again, I'd never get anything that say "diapers-inside".

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    We have three diapers bags, A Cars one , A Mickey one, and a Plain messenger bag for changing in nice public places. Want to start using just the two though. They are stocked with clean diapers, wipes, powder, a spare paci, and medicines.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just thought of adding baby powder and rash cream to my diaper bag

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    I used to just add a few diapers into my duffel bag I used to carry to and from work. It had two zippers with eyelets on the end of each zipper. I used a small luggage lock to keep the zippers together so no one would open my duffel bag. It wasn't a 'diaper bag in disguise', I just added diapers into a bag I was already using.

    However, I no longer carry a duffel bag to work. Nor do I add diapers into anything thereby making a diaper bag. Anymore I wear just around the house or out and about on short errands.

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    This: Microsoft Edge Messenger Bag. It's perfect for work and it can hold a number of supplies while keeping them out of sight when the bag is opened. I keep it stocked with an adult diaper, a baby diaper for a stuffer, wipes, baby powder, and a small changing mat. If I were feeling edgy, I suppose I could use the water bottle holder to hold a baby bottle, but in reality I wouldn't feel comfortable with that.

    For anyone who's interested, the Jeep clamshell diaper bag has come up a number of times in the past in threads like these. It's a bona fide diaper bag but it's pretty discreet.

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    Since im a Pokemon fan and I didnt have alot of money at the time(and I still dont)my diaper bag is simply Pokemon themed New Pokemon Pikachu Monster School Lunch Box Canvas Tote Hand Bag | eBay

    Not much room for stuff in that bag but better then nothing!

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    I carry around a canvas style messenger bag with a little phoenix on it :3

    It's got 2 dividers inside, and a pocket just underneath the closing flap. I carry a small towel, a ziplock full of wipes, a tube of destin, a thing of baby powder, 4 diapers, and an extra pair of pants. In addition to that, I use the front pouch as my purse, so that's where I keep my coin pouch, wallet, and a few odds and ends. I NEVER carry a paci with me out of the house, unless I'm going to stay somewhere that it won't be a big deal.

    It can get pretty heavy/bulky, but at this point it's about being prepared. Each one of the things in my bag I've needed at some point while I was out shopping or visiting a friend - now I keep them with me, just in case.

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    I have 2 big gym bags with diapers,wipes,plastic pants,shirt and pants for the car and wheelchair van.

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