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Thread: Use Opera Browser its faster for videos

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    Default Use Opera Browser its faster for videos

    I found out its faster to watch youtube videos using The Opera Browser
    Its really good esp for watching Videos in 720p-1080p

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    Interesting, did you test it in anyway? What OS were you using?

    Half the time, whenever I fiddled with a new shiny browser, most of it was kind of placebo to me. Even then, I did a small and crappy "speed test" on the Linux and Windows version comparing Chrome and FireFox, which held discrepancy by pocket watch times.

    I ran Opera once for giggles ages ago on Windows. I'd have to see how it runs on Ubuntu system.

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    Opera does my head in! I use Firefox because I like the UI and the availability of add-ons, but it's not as stable/reliable as it used to be.

    I find Chrome works well for media-rich pages (because it manages memory quite efficiently), and The World is the fastest for general browsing (but it doesn't work well with certain sites and is only available for Windows so I never use it).

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    Meh, its alright but i hate the user interface. I wrote a nice little script that makes my custom built version of Firefox really fast :3

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    From the amount of information OP has given this could be a Flashplayer/H.264 vs HTML5/WebM benchmark…

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    In my experience Maxthon is the best for displaying things like flash content. Its the only one that will play youtube videos smoothly on my computer. If I try in IE, Chrome or Opera it will load pages slower and flash content will not play smoothly and slow the whole computer down.

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