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Thread: Homemade diapers?

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    Default Homemade diapers?

    Has anyone tried homade diapers? If so how'd u make them?

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    There are a couple neat articles about this here and here :]
    I've made some before just using terry cloth bath towels and pins, but I didn't use them since I didn't have any waterproof backing.

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    I used shopping bags and towels back before I got real diapers. Looking back they were probably the most uncomfortable and awkward diapers I have ever worn, but they did work, and since I had no real thing to compare it with, they kept me satisfied for the time being

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    I've also done makeshift cloth diapers with terry towels, pins, and plastic pants. Since I had plastic pants it worked okay, but I wouldn't trust them at night. We are getting a sewing machine soon and I'll try making my own cloth diapers.

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    Default Homemade diapers?

    You can order Turkish Terry Toweling fabric online and make authentic British style terry toweling square Nappy's.

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    Queen size flannel sheet set folded to the appropriate size rectangle and pinned. Large size trash bag (2'6" x 3') pulled up like the diaper and duct taped instead of pinned, edgess folded in around leg holes and at the top around the waist. I found them to be very nearly as absorbent and leak resistant as real cloth and plastic pants. Even drove to Menard's once and went shopping in them, covered by baggy jeans and winter coat. No leaks, and no detection as far as I know.

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