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Thread: Ok this has probably been already been posted before but...

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    Red face Ok this has probably been already been posted before but...

    Ok this has probably been already been posted before but I hardly ever read these threads because I think they are boring but this is my first thread in the Diaper section and I do not have the time to read and search through them all to look for what I want.

    So excuse me older members but this is my question that many members have already had but I do also so here we go. I do not have the ability to buy online at this time but I do have the ability to buy in store so I was wondering if their are any great diapers that you can buy in store and the stores I have access to are Walgreens, Target and Walmart. So any recommendations for me please?

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    Good question. The answer is no. Best you can get is depends or maybe tena. You will need to find a medical supply store or you'll have to order online. Consider finding a tricky way of ordering, having shipped to the post office then you go pick it up for example. Also go buy a visa gift card thingy.

    Sorry to crush your hopes, but that's just the way it is.

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    unfortunately everything kinda stinks in retail stores nowadays... Best bet would either be store brand briefs, or depends protection with tabs. Not much of a choice, but it's better than nothing, right?~

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    I do not like any of these stores diapers. I use Attends with the elastic wast and legs. But the best diaper you can buy and wear is a cloth diapers and combo plastic panties.

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    Ok, first off, it took me literally about a minute to find more then three threads about diapers that can be bought in the stores you said. It doesn't require much searching, so please look before posting an entirely new thread on the subject. Thank you.

    Second, there are a few ok products in stores. Walmart sells depends maximum protection. All three sell goodnites. Target sells underjams. There are also a few adult pull-ups that can be found in Walmart and Walgreens.

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    Just go to those stores and find out. Target doesn't have any adult briefs, and their adult pull ups are the same as anyone else's -they suck. Walmart will occasionally have depends or their own store brand briefs, both of which are worth drying but not spectacular by anyone's definition. Walgreens is the same way, store brand is same as walmart brand, and depends are a bit more expensive. Store brands at those places are about as absorbant as depends which is not a lot. The important differences here are cost and plastic vs. cloth backed. Depends cost more, but are plastic backed. If you can wear them, get goodnites as they are a great product and a lot more fun than adult diapers anyways.

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    Thank you very much everyone for your advice and Shadowhawk, I will do that next time. You can close this thread now.

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    I'd see if you can order molicare super's to Walmart for in store pickup. Local pharmacies will also have the potential to have good diapers hit or miss though.

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