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Thread: Which brand fits you best?

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    Default Which brand fits you best?

    All diaper brands tend to be cut a little different. Which one fits your body type best?
    For me, it's really dry 24/7 size large, which seems kind of surprising because so many don't really like how they fit.

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    I would say Bambinos fit me the best. This includes both Bellissimos and Teddys. I wish they had a one-tape option, but other than that, they are perfect! ^^

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    Bellissimos fit me best, but I'm between two sizes right now so either my but is really bulky or they are just slightly tight.

    Why is loosing weight so hard, mmmm cheeze!!!, wait what was I saying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilikecars View Post
    Why is loosing weight so hard, mmmm cheeze!!!, wait what was I saying?
    *onecho stands on his tippy-toes, swipes the cheese from the fridge, toddles into the backyard, digs with his little front paws, tail up in the air, and buries it!*

    That should help.

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    I have a small waist so finding a diaper that really fits is hard for me but abenas fit me the best this is the only diaper that I can get snug fit all the way around and it won't get loose on me.

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    Default Which brand fits you best?

    Of the brands I've tried, Bambinos and Dry 24/7s (mediums on both) seem to fit me best these days. Depends used to fit okay, but recent weight loss has made it where they just dont fit and i have to wear plastic pants with them.

    Honestly, if I had my way I'd use Dry 24/7s on a daily basis since they fit best but that's not an option since most of my diapers are paid for by my insurance and they insist on buying Depends (and I say most, because the amount I get each month barely gets me through the first 3 weeks)

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    I have to say the dry 24/7 and the Teddy Bambinos fit me fine...I sometimes have a problem with the tapes on the dry 24/7s but other then that....They fit me just fine for someone with a 36 inch waist

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    Bambinos, but I do have problems with the tape ripping. Not to hijack the thread topic, but does anyone else have that problem?

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    Of the ones available in the UK that I've tried (Tena, Abena, Euron, Lille, Boots and Cuddlz) I find Abena and Euron fit me best, Cuddlz and Boots the worst.

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