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Thread: Bye you guys!

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    Smile Bye you guys!

    So after some thinking, I have decided to leave for a week or so and if that works out maybe forever. I really want to try and get over this fetish and just be normal. You guys have been such a great help in my quest to find myself In this whole ordeal, and I cant thank you guys enough.

    I think I am going to just go cold turkey and hopefully that may work, but if it doesnt then I may be back. But yeah thanks everyone for their support, and you guys are all great!

    I might come back if this doesn't work out so, if I see you guys later cool and if I don't then I wish you all the best of luck!

    God bless
    From Secret101

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    Bye bye then...Although I'm going to be honest with you, and say that you can't get rid of the fetish...You may go through times where you aren't as interested, but you can never get rid of this fetish...Why do you want to get away from this? I think it would just be easier to accept it...It's perfectly normal to have fetishes...

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    Yeah I know its perfectly normal to have fetishes and such. But I want to see if I can go without it for a while. I just want to try all the routes in life before I stick to just one.

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    Well good luck, although I don't think you'll last...No one can keep away from the lure of Pojo! n_n

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    I think you probably put too much value in being "normal" but I suppose thats all part of growing up. Goodluck with that.

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    I certainly wish you success, secret, if that's what you desire to accomplish. Though if you're anything like me the best you'll be able to do is suppress it to occupying just a small part of your life. I certainly hope for the best if you're determined to somehow put it behind you.


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    I believe it is possible to suppress a fetish to the point of no return but it is hard and I have faith that if you really want to, you will, so you have my blessing.

    And Pojo, you should not just state things as pure fact since one can only do that if it posted in 4 Academic journals.

    And TOOL, there is no shame in wanting to be normal and it is not in the process of growing up in my opinion because people are always striving to be normal, they are just tolerant of different things.

    Chowder, you are a really cool dude, and I hope you fair well, and know that this place is always here for you to come back to if ever needed.


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    Well, I'll be honest, I am sad to see you go, even if it's not permanent. I know I never really talked to you, but from the posts of yours that I did see, you seem like a really nice guy. If this is what you feel is best for you now, then by all means try it. It can't hurt to try to distance yourself from this stuff for a while, and if at some point you feel the need to come back here, I'm sure you'll be welcomed back. Though getting rid of a fetish is certainly difficult, people our age do have a certain (albeit small) degree of flexibility in their sexuality, so maybe you will find it possible to simply weed this out. If that's what you want, great. In any case, best of luck!

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    Bye! I hope you are able to get over this as well. But I have tried in the past and have failed.

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    Human sexuality sucks ass in general. You can try, but it would be easier to accept it and just be angry about it, which is what I do sometimes.

    See you in a month, little wanker.

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