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Thread: Most Diaper's youve ever worn at one time.

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    Default Most Diaper's youve ever worn at one time.

    I was just wondering how many of you have tried wearing more than 1 diaper at a time and if you did post a comment saying how many you were able to get on, Remember this isnt a competition so no fake amounts alright.

    The most diaper's Ive put on is around 30 give or take 3 and you make be thinking wow he lie's bad well I really did put that many on and they were adult pullups and after I got that many on I could still walk but just barely and I had to lie on my back and the bulk of the diapers on my bottom had my butt way in the air anways let me know your experience and also this can be a challenge if you guys and girls want we can see how many of you can put on the most diapers at one time Btw I still have a bunch of those diapers bye for now.

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    I'd say the most Iv'e worn is, about 6. they were a crappy pullup brand, so I wanted them to feel thicker.

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    I have only worn 3 at the most, and they were pretty lousy Depends so they needed the extra padding.

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    I' ve worn 3 I think, I used 2 depends and one bambino over both of them, I used a plastic cover to compress the bulk and reduce the noise, that helped a lot.

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    I've worn at most 3, they were all cushies it was just for the bulk effect.

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