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Thread: Be an Example!

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    Red face Be an Example!

    I read a lot about how the older members here are upset with the quality of the threads posted nowadays. I hear about how it is all the same stuff and nothing new comes up.

    Older members: Why not be an example to those younger members (such as myself) who are part of this community? I am by no stretch of the imagination one of the older members here, yet I know that there are younger members who look up to me as an example. I want to do my utmost to show these members the ropes and to be a good listener when they have a problem.

    I also know that there are multiple threads on the same topic. Many of our new members may not realize this, and so they ask a question that has already been asked. Remember, we are, above all, a support community. Yes, it may be a tad annoying to read about the same things over and over, but we must have patience with people.

    I also hear some people say that people could use the search option. It took me a while to figure out how to use it. Every time I typed something in, it would say that it couldn't find anything to match my terms. So instead of using the search option, I asked questions in the forums that have been asked before.

    (To all the members that have had my troubles with the search box, there is a link under it that says advanced search. It helps immensly.)

    In conclusion, instead of leaving ADISC, like I hear that some of you older members want to do, I suggest that you stick around. Without you, we younger members have no one to look up to, and ADISC may end up falling short of our goal: to help people accept and cope with their AB/DL-ness while trying to live a normal life. I truly appreciate you older members. Without you, I would have never come to the level of acceptance that I have.



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    With all due respect, I think you may be over reacting to the "How to Make ADISC Better" thread. These come and go with some regularity. You might want to read my response before you pin this on all the older members, as I'm one of the older members on this site. In that thread, I've voiced that which you have said, that if members want better threads, they should post them. I have no problems with ADISC at all. I'm very appreciative that the site exists, and that Moo keeps it going, along with the hard work of the mods.

    In my many years of life, and as a church music director, I've learned that it's easy to find fault, and much more difficult to role up one's sleeves and make something better. If I can't make something better, I don't criticize it.

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    I am sorry if my post was less than average. I am not trying to start drama. I just don't want those older members to leave because then who will we younger members look up to? And I do try to make ADISC better by trying to be an example myself. I am sorry if I offended you. I guess I was over-reacting. I tend to do that sometimes.

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    I'm not upset with the types of threads being started, I'm just a bit upset with the frequency at which these new threads are started. People will often post an entirely new thread without looking down the page and seeing if there is something relevant to their question. Usually there is a similar topic just a few threads down from the new topic. It happens pretty frequently, as we often see threads closed due to a similar existing topic on the site already.

    I know that people get excited when they first join, but that's why there are stickied threads and such to help out newcomers. I try my best to help out anybody that I can, I go to great lengths to do so, but I recommend they look around the site for a bit before they post. The answers might be there, they just have to be willing to look.


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    People move on from fora. It's a natural cycle, people join, become regulars, get bored, complain, leave. When I joined over 4 years ago there were swathes of members here that aren't here now. Some of them I'm still in touch with outside of ADISC, and some of them I'm not. Others have had long long periods of inactivity on this site, but they're back now.

    Eventually you'll be one of the older members, you'll be one of the oldies, and you'll be complaining about the repetitive threads and the changes that have happened, because you ADISC in 4 years time won't be the ADISC you joined 9 months ago.

    Moderators will come and go, and so will friends, in-jokes, and dramas! Another 20 ADISC-memes will come and go, and be forgotten.

    And that's just the way fora work. You'll get over it

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    These threads have been popping up with some regularity since I joined. Some of them precede my membership here. They look dramatic the first times you see them but after half a dozen instances they'll stop phasing you.

    And as Talula says, fora have cycles. Newbies become established members, established members become the old guard, the old guard moves on to something else and sometimes come back. ADISC is not the first forum I've been a reg on. It isn't the last. I've become part of the old guard of a forum only to leave for years then semi come back. More than once I've become a regular on a forum only to leave and never come back. It's just the order of things in online communities.

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    This "Downfall of [Insert Forum Here]" style post you're referring to is all too common, actually. I used to think it was just an ADISC exclusive, until I became active in other *small* forums. Big forums have them too, but it's more noticeable on smaller ones, simply due to lower post count increasing your odds of actually seeing a post of that nature.

    Though, as Talula did mention, you will no doubt think things are messed up more than once or twice due to rule changes, or just a pure member shift. I personally visit ADISC a few times a week, but rarely post anymore. Just has something to do with it indeed being repetitive.(We're talking about Diapers, Babyish Clothing and in smaller doses, furcons and sissy stuff, there's only so much that can be discussed without being too graphic!)

    That said, if you really think those saying they're going to "Leave the Site" due to [Insert Issue Here] will do it, don't worry, they're pretty much ensuring that they'll stay.(Only ever seen a few drama threads actually lead to members leaving, and most of those were either bans, or requested suspension)

    Side Note: Anyone else remember when the site was overrun by Hypnotoad?

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    Really these sorts of threads are more a like a rite of passage for forums. People come around, establish themselves, get what they need from the place, and then go. When people see the same questions again and again a majority will feel like they've said what they can say already and feel like there's nothing more to offer. It's really nothing to be alarmed by or discouraged by, people just come and go. It's not even exclusive to forums, it's how things work in general. So really, just enjoy your stay here and hopefully get the most out of your experience.

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    I think that people must remember that they were once new, too, and not get airs about them. Everyone is growing, and are different stages. If there is repetition, it's only because someone is going through what you once were. Patience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eulogy View Post
    Side Note: Anyone else remember when the site was overrun by Hypnotoad?
    Toad Flu 09?

    It lasted for a week at best before moo was like "HAHAHA... No."

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