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Thread: How to stop?

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    Default How to stop?

    Is there anyway to stop my babyside and keep the adult diaper side?

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    Not really. It's arguable that either side can be repressed, but this can cause carrying negative effects depending on the person. It could be assumed that if you were to keep at least one side it would be enough to fulfill whatever you needed from both sides. I would suggest not to stop any side, but instead try to limit the side. Give it a little wiggle room, maybe a hidden pacifier or something, but don't try to remove it completely. If you already engage in your babyish side and want to stop, then try constraining it little by little. Going cold-turkey, which I think we're all having for lunch for the next week or so, can result in a lot of stress and other unwanted mental side effects. By limiting it slowly you should feel little to no effects as long as you engage your other side.

    In short, no, not permanently, but you can possible limit your babyish side to a more manageable level.

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    Default How to stop?

    I had these notions when I was a young teenager and all they did was confuse me as I tried to repress the baby and kid feelings.

    If you feel these things honestly then there is no need to purge them. It is a part of who you are. No amount of purging or hating yourself will change your genetic makeup and environmental conditioning. Accept who you are and love your consciousness or don't. Understanding how I feel now, there is only one choice that means happiness for me. I recommend that anyone else who cares about their mental stability to do the same. I hope you find a way for yourself. Good luck

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    I tried to stop but I found that i couldn't i was still sucking my thumb at least at night but mostly both night and day and acting like a toddler still

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    Nope. I know some have done it and stopped for a while as if it's some sort of hobby they have. I can stop them for a while but then the urges come back and I have the feeling inside me. I coped with it differently as a kid and since I can't have my pacifier in bed with me because I have my son in bed with me, I use my stuffed animal to cuddle with.

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    Default How to stop?

    I stopped for a while because I was really busy for a while and any free time that I had was spent sleeping.

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    When life gets busy the feelings will slow, it never really goes away. I'd set your priorities in life and go from there, as you will always find a place to make it fit in your life.

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    If you are AB then I don't see how you could possibly stop it....I guess you could try to resist the desire to acknowledge your little self, but I just can't see how you could ignore it when diapering up.what else would you be thinking about when you're dressed like a baby. you'd have to give it away and find some other distraction, but hey, you probably already know that that's only going to be a temporary fix.

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    I tryed lot of times and witout results. Alway after a few time I returned...

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