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Thread: Dress code

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    Default Dress code

    Discuss your's.

    And if you do not have one.

    You lucky bastereds!!!! D::D

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    We have one but no one ever get in trouble for it...
    ex: pj's are against the dress code but pj bottoms are very common as are house shoes also you can see alot of people carying around blankets in the winter time!

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    at school:

    business casual

    collard shirts, no logos. slacks, dress shoes

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    Never had one at school, so I wore t-shirts and jeans. At work it's business casual, but I usually get away with collared shirts (like golf T's) and jeans or slacks.

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    At my school, boys have to have their shirts tucked into their pants. If girls wear something shirt-like, it has to be tucked in. If it's a blouse, it can be out. Pajamas are not allowed, and they have to wear shoes. Usually coats are not allowed in class, and hoodies are allowed, but they can't have the hood on their heads. Do rags are not allowed, or anything gang related like obvious colors. Hell of a school, huh!

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    *has a school uniform*

    I won't go into details (colours) because you could probably get my school from that, if you wanted to, but I have to wear blazer, shirt (tucked in, top button done up), tie, proper trousers (not jeans) and shoes (not trainers). If you don't follow this you can be given a lunchtime detention or in some cases an after school detention.

    I can't wait until I no longer have to wear it. For some reason I love wearing my suit, but I hate my school uniform.

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    At school we had uniforms.
    Smart shoes, nice pants, smart shirt (technically should have been tucked it, nobody did) and tie, and a blazer. We looked nice!
    Then they let some students try to redesign the uniform to make it more 'cool', but obviously didn't let them change much because the result was basically the same uniform, minus the blazer, with no tie () and the option of a T-shirt instead of the shirt.

    The rules were enforced sort of, they weren't too picky... people just got told off for wearing trainers and stuff. At one point teachers said that your tie had to be more than a certain length, because the 'cool' (tosspot) students kept having their ties stupidly short.

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    ... 'cool' (tosspot) students kept having their ties stupidly short.
    Hahah, I remember the same thing at my school.

    For the first few years of highschool, the uniform basically consisted of a white polo shirt with the school logo on and black trousers and shoes. In the last couple of years, however, they changed the uniform to a blue shirt and a striped tie, the colour of which was determined by which 'house' you were in. Mine was green and I hate the colour green, so I just nicked a red one. There was also a summer uniform which was basically the old one but in blue, but I never wore that. There were no blazers or any of that bollocks.

    They did occasionally try to enforce the uniform rules, but any attempts to impose discipline at my school invariably fell flat on its face. I wore skate shoes through most of high school, come to think of it.

    There was no uniform for sixth form.

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