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    I'm sue most of you have heard of the new web browser by Google called Crome. But have you used it? Do you think it is better than Firefox?(I'm sure most of you think not) Do you think it will last in the world of web browsers?

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    I'm afraid I've not had a chance to try it. It just strikes me as another rather samey entry into an already oversaturated market. I could be wrong, of course.

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    I'm still waiting for the initial (Linux) release. The hype seems to have passed, and now I'm not even sure I will try it when it comes out.

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    I searched to make sure there was no open thread on it and the search showed nothing. Hum...odd

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    I've tried it. Very small, very quick but missing some features which meant that I went back to firefox after a month or so. Very user friendly interface but not capable of doing as much compared to FF.

    Can't compare to IE, it has been so long since I have even used that.

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    I've tried it but I found it to be slower than Firefox, so I got back to Firefox.

    Some friend of mine who are computer experts told me it's because it's still the beta version.

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    When I used Google Chrome I would go to my computer only to find out that it didn't log me out of my vista user account. That means anyone who moved the mouse would be able to see whats on the screen.

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    I have tried it, it's actually quite good! It's definetly faster than firefox and it has a "Private Browsing" function which to some people could be quite useful. Shame that it's probably never going to leave beta stages.

    I still prefer firefox though as I don't really need private browsing as I have my own computer in my room. My computer is completely protected from nosy parents with a BIOS password, user account password and all history is auto cleared after each session and to top it off I have a scheduled task to shred all history and cache at computer startup (delayed, as it takes about 40 seconds to complete) with a Guttman 35 Passes Algorithm.


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    I have used it, but it seems to be to slow for me, and it is missing some features. I went back to the good old firefox.

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