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Thread: Baby powder or cream?

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    Default Baby powder or cream?

    Hello, could someone tell me if I should use baby powder or some sort of cream during diaper changes. Or both perhaps?
    Thanks for advice.

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    Depends on what you like. I love the smell of baby powder but I can't actually use it because when I did I ended up with a nasty urinary tract infection. Same thing when I tried just plain corn starch although not as severe. Didn't even know that was possible for males but it is trust me. Now I use Desitin extra strength cream and some baby lotion for that baby smell. I would just stick with those two things to be safe because you never know. From what I have found powder doesn't have any real advantage except for smell more trouble than it's worth. I would also suggest that you buy a good anti fungal cream. You can get it at any drug store. It's the same stuff used to treat Athlete's foot. I used it once when diaper rash got out of control and turned into a very painful and itchy yeast infection and it cleared it up in no time.

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    I use baby powder with every change. I alternate with J&J powder and corn starch with lavender & chamomile. I also have Desitin if need it. Since I wear plastic pants most of the time
    I don't use any baby oil's.

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    Ok, what do you guys think of Penaten talcum powder and diaper cream? I was thinking of getting them, thoughts?

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    What about plain vaseline cream I use that, together with ordinary body lotion if I have worn a wet diaper for long in order to conceal any smell of pee?
    BTW I read it helps your skin recover (If you got a diaper rash)

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    I like powder depends on your skin. I only new powder, and I love the smells

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    I only use cream if I have the beginnings of a rash, and if I use cream I don't use powder as well. Otherwise I just use powder.

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    Use powder every change and use sudocrem before the powder, if I am going out for the day or if I have shaved down there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtide View Post
    I only use cream if I have the beginnings of a rash, and if I use cream I don't use powder as well. Otherwise I just use powder.
    Same for me too, nothing like the smell of baby powder to make you feel more like a baby

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    I use baby powder with every change, unless I'm only going to be in the diaper for a short amount of time.

    I also use Destin at night, and Aquaphor Baby during the day. Then again, I rash easily - so most of that is preventative, or to cut down on itchy-ness.

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