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Thread: Adult Sized Playpen Ideal Dimensions?

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    Default Adult Sized Playpen Ideal Dimensions?

    I'm thinking about building my own playpen.

    I have some pretty good ideas on how to do it but I was curious ...
    What do people in the community think are ideal dimensions for a playpen
    that's scaled up to adult size in EVERY-WAY.

    I mean the distance between bars and how thick
    should the bars be. How high should the top rail be from the the mattress
    and how thick should it be.

    If I started a tread in the wrong spot I apologize.

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    That would basically be a wrestling ring, set up for a cage match, with a different colour scheme.

    For size you probably want it at least two body lengths a side; so 12'x12'. And the sides tall enough to let you reach the top rail but not see over it; so 8' or so. If you are going with bars rather than mesh you could probably space them as far as 8" before some skinny babies can escape. Making it more than a 2x4 on edge off the ground your construction gets a lot more complicated. you probably want a gym mat rather than a matress on the floor.

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    I agree with MasterPython. Those are great ideas to think about.

    If money is more a concern, I say at the very least a 8x8 for maybe a single person playpen. is making it square and no less than 5 or 6 feet high.
    Not seeing over it is nice or so you can barely see over the top rail.

    Make sure the pieces are sanded good if using wood, maybe stained or painted with fav colors.
    Also maybe a locking gate or one that clicks like those child gate things.

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    5 feet high seems reasonable, even though I'd have no problem scaling it, any taller and it would be a bit too strange in most rooms, 10x10 to 12x12 seems reasonable, but 8x8 is do-able

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    This is an old topic but I think I would rather use a yogo or gym mat surrounded by taller, collasing baby walls. Leaves you more room when not needed.

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    hmmm... Im interested in what you folks are saying about the height thing, because I have a playpen that is 4.5 feet high, and I find the height ideal... I can be holding a teddy bear in my arm and chew on the top bar, leaving a big drool stain... it seems that most baby playpens and playyards are about that height... look at this link: Graco Playards

    Beyond 5 feet high, all I could do would be look through the bars. My playpen has one inch thick round bars, and they also seem to be ok, though a bit thicker in bar would be nice. I always use the "twice as big guide" because 2 year olds are half the height of their adult selves, and I like being two. with 8 foot bars, that would mean I was about the size of a newborn baby, which could be nice on one level, but impractical on others. I agree with the gym mat bottom though... I have a mattress, but I often use camping mats to give that firm feeling.

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