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Thread: Great Livejournal!

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    Thumbs up Great Livejournal!

    A year or 2 back, on my DSi, I found this...
    Uh-oooooohhh. Not again.
    It's about the... Lets say, adventures, of a woman named Nekomi who wears diapers! It is an AWESOME read! she stopped in 2006, apparently... But it's pretty long, but it's totally worth it! It's awesome! And Nekomi, if you're out there on ADISC... You gave me hours of good and funny stories! But I hope you guys like this... It's the most decent thing I could find a while ago. She doesn't go into so much detail that it gets uncomfortable, it's believable, not like that "I crapped myself in class and my teacher changed me in the middle of the class" BS that's flouting around, but... Anyways, please at least try reading it. I'm pretty sure you'll be quite satisfied with it. And by the way, start on the bottom, then go up. Than go to the recent (er) ones and go up.

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    es likely bullshit... here is why:

    "her pic" shows up all over the damn web when ya do a google image search... it is ridiculously easy to find fake people by doing a quick google image search of their photo...

    if she can lie bout her pic, she can lie bout other things too... it is not that hard to come up with believable inco stories... she is likely a fake, just like everyone else in the ABDL community...

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    Not really... If you search up someone, of course their pictures are gonna come up. And how would she know so much about the places shes been? It wouldn't be worth it. Also, what makes you think EVERYBODY in the ABDL community are bullshitters? And I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but could you please do a spell check before posting things? It really bugs me. Plus... WHY U USE SO MANY EMOTICONS??? You only need 1 to get the point across. Just sayin.

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    ^^^ you underestimate the drive some individuals feel toward creating a convincing fake profile... takes 1 to know 1 (jus a joke)

    "everybody" was hyperbole... my bad... obvo not everybody es fake, but there es a lot of fakes in the community...

    her pics were in many diverse places on the web... if ya look at the people who posted the pics, they are all very diff people

    sorry bud... I know it is fun to think these fantasy people might be real, but they hardly ever are...

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    What did you search up in google images to get the pics then?

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    ^^^ got an add-on in it for google chrome... use it all the time... as ive said before, ya wouldnt believe how many people make shit up all a big image...

    you can do it though by savin "her image" to your comp, then go to google images an drag the image from your pics folder to the search bar... it will upload... will link ya to "her" blog & that weird nba rpg site (not really sure what the heck it is... ) es an uncropped image... save that, google image search that, and you will see what i linked to in my post... on more analysis, i believe it is a stock image of a young japanese girl... how convenient, lots of guys on the internet love japanese girls

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    It is possible she had to use a stock photo as a profile pic. Not everybody wants to fully reveal themselves. I mean, I take a CRAP ton of precautions... Incognito browsing, putting my ADBL/Babyfur pics in a folder called "trash" on my computer... You get the point.

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    ^^^ just find it suspicious... if ya dont wanna reveal yourself, thats fine, but putting a stock pic up makes it look like youre advertising it as yourself... sure, the stories could be true...but i find that hard to believe after she decided to use a pic of someone else in place of herself

    carry on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoakedGoodnites View Post
    What did you search up in google images to get the pics then?
    Search by Image ? Inside Search ? Google

    Quote Originally Posted by SoakedGoodnites View Post
    It is possible she had to use a stock photo as a profile pic.
    You don't *need* to use a stock pic as a profile pic, you don't even need a profile picture at all. Using a generic stock pic to infer you are a woman and legit though just make's it seem even more fake.

    also the last posts ends with "wow, what a following." then she falls off the face of the earth after having over a year worth of entries?

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    Could be purges. But I do admit that would be strange. One does not simply "quit" a diaper fetish. But real or not, it's still quite interesting.

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