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    I am 3 hours away from home and just found out were staying the night at a family's house and I don't have much with me including my diapers and since it was thanksgiving I had a lot to drink and snacks so its pretty much a accident waiting to happen tonight in bed I thought though that I can take one of my little brothers size 4 diapers and just putt it in my pants but that isn't working to good since I can't acctually fit into them so any suggestions on what to do? I mean the people were staying with now I wet the bed in the past so it won't be to embarising if it happens tonight

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    If your gonna pee, your gonna pee. If your parents know it, remind them that this is an at risk night. Depending how old you are

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    I think I will just let whatever is going to happen to happen my parents don't like to hear about my bedwetting at all its stupid the only time they helped me with it was when I got surgery on my ankle but I kinda like being sneaky around the house with diapers lol

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    Always good to keep a spare or two in case needed. Next time have an emergency supply in the trunk?

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    Always nice to have a spare on hand but it is unlikely to be of help tonight. Personally I would just brace myself and prepare to start swimming.

    Sorry buddy, I totally know what this is like because I have been in the exact situation. Except, I don't think the people we were staying with had any idea. But then my arenas would not allow me to wear diapers for my sleep wetting. So I avoided sleep overs and camp, hotel stays were pretty embarrassing and then stays with friends and relatives, well lets say that I shed many tears because of situations like this.

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