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Thread: A question (about punishment)

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    Default A question (about punishment)

    Im not sure if this is exactly the right place to put this because i guess this would KINDA be a question to ask the "Mommies,daddies,sitters,big sister/brothers" Etc etc. but since it involved AB's i figured i'd try it here. worst that can happen is it gets moved right?

    so I'm cerious does anyone here go outside the box of a normal baby punishment? like more thank just spankings/time outs? does anyone use/have been given a punishment out side of the normal child route? i need some ideas so i figured i'd ask

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Yes. My wife makes me eat her cooking!
    haha, funny guy! I guess 'take out' is a genuine treat then.

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    i could not help but to feel the wrath of a women looking down at me after reading that

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    Well... in the kinky side of life. Ive known of femdom acts being played. Im sure you know what that is cause i'd rather not explain :P

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    I do not enjoy or need punishment!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Yes. My wife makes me eat her cooking!
    Yea, I could tell some stories about my X wife and her cooking, it was pure terror!

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    well i dont think ANY baby enjoys punishment.. but i'd be lying if i said i did not need it x.x im a monster child.

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    My husband has given me anus sex. I hate it so that is why it's a punishment and he hasn't done it in months because I am a good girl.

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    Out of acces to smoke, drink beer or realize sex. It's real punishment for me.

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    Thank god im Straight edge, i do not drink, i do not smoke, i do not do drugs, i rise above my own imperfections

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