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Thread: The Case for Avoiding Black Friday

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    Default The Case for Avoiding Black Friday

    Well we all know what happens on Black Friday, right? The mass number of people coming to the nearest major mega-store they can find whether it's Target or Wal-Mart or Best Buy and they buy the newest fancy electronics and other stuff for the upcoming Christmas season like the Nintendo Wii U, Samsung's new ES8000 Smart TV, laptops, new video cameras, etc. However, in between each Black Friday comes in some of the following horrendous scenarios like shootings, stampedes, long lines and even fights. I mean, no wonder everybody calls the Friday after Thanksgiving 'Black Friday'.

    Any thoughts and any plans for this coming Friday? I'm so sure to stay away from the major retail stores on a Black Friday like always.

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    Default The Case for Avoiding Black Friday

    I would love to stay away, but I work for one of the major retailers that will be opening at midnight. Wish me luck!

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    To be honest, there are measures in place to prevent things like fights from happening, and at some of the major stores I've seen police watching the lines to prevent things from getting out of control. If something bad happened at every store everywhere every black friday, it wouldn't be allowed. Yes, these things do happen, but when you take out how much the media plays it up, it seems that these are just isolated incidents that, yes, should have been avoided.

    I might be going to Best Buy at midnight so I can get myself a new laptop, and I will be there a few hours early, but I know I won't be starting any fights or shooting anyone, and I'll hope it doesn't happen to me.

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    Easy answer...Dont go!

    Even better if your mom and you don't have alot of money....If your broke,how can you buy things if you don't have the money for it.

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    Don't have the extra bucks to spend so will stay home let all the idiots have at it. Whatever I end up buying I'll probably buy on line.

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    I think Black Friday is absolutely ridiculous. We spend the entire previous day thinking about what we're thankful for, and then the next it's up and at 'em for cut throat consumerism! Thanksgiving is absolutely shat upon, and it's that reason alone that I don't shop at all on Black Friday. It seems like stores are opening earlier and earlier each year for this. My S.O. has to be to his store at 11pm on Thanksgiving. It's taking away from family time! Urgh, just gets underneath my skin! Imagine if no one showed up to shop~

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    I'm with you Xene. I'm somewhat disgusted as well with stores like Walmart opening even earlier on Thanksgiving day. If one understands what Thanksgiving is historically, it's even more disturbing. I remember reading how during the first winter at Plymouth, most of the first party was wiped out. The majority of the survivors were the children, along with maybe 5 adults. No wonder the Indians took pity on them and brought them food.

    Thanksgiving is a time to not only be thankful for the blessings that we normally take for granted, but to re-prioritize our lives, as we head into the long cold winter. It ushers in Christmas and the promise of hope, that there is more to this life than meets the eye. I will be with my family for Thanksgiving and I am mindful that I am thankful for every good day, dismissing the bad days.

    As many of you know, my wife's health collapsed about 7 years ago when her feet shattered because of diabetes. They became infected with MRSA, and the antibiotics destroyed what was left of her kidneys. Every night I get her on the dialysis machine which dominates our bedroom. I never can be absolutely sure when I return home from work, if I won't be facing a very serious health crises, yet life goes on for us. She has been walking again from a year ago, and she has more strength, so for those reasons, I am thankful for a good day; a single good day, one following another.

    I hope that we who have more than the rest of the world, whether it's Africa, or Haiti, or so many countries, or even those who have lost everything on the Jersey Shore and New York, can appreciate who we are in the world, and put something greater than ourselves, first. Thanksgiving is a time to remember that. Shopping pales by comparison.

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    Who needs Black Friday when Steam sales are going on?

    Shut up and take my money, Mr. Newell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Near View Post
    Who needs Black Friday when Steam sales are going on?

    Shut up and take my money, Mr. Newell!
    I already bought Gods and Kings for Civ 5. 15 dollars well spent.

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    I've never involved myself in black Friday sales events. It's nothing against a frenzy of capitalism but I'm not big on crowds in stores and since they've conveniently set up one day as the absolute worst day to shop, I take notice and stay well away from any stores.

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