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Thread: I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!!!!

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    Default I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!!!!

    I just wanted to give my Thankisgiving best to everyone here and I hope they have a safe trip to wherever they are headed for the holiday and if you are going out for Black Friday as well- be safe!

    If you are traveling across the highways and byways of the US, be safe- if you are flying across the US, be safe! I hope you and your family have an awesome day tomorrow and enjoy the dinner whether it be turkey, ham or whatever you all have!

    As for me I am going to a friends' house for the holiday tomorrow and I am looking forward to just relaxing on Friday as I sleep off the Thanksgiving holiday- not a fan of Black Friday myself so I am going to relax on Friday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


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    Ooo, likewise! I had originally planned on staying home and cooking, but my father called and issued an invite, so I'm going to have to DVR the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It's not Thanksgiving unless I get to see Santa at the end of that parade in the morning, haha!

    Does anyone have any fun traditions that they do? Sometimes we write what we're thankful for and then make a mini time capsule of the notes and read them the next year for giggles.

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    We're going to my daughter's and her family, and much of our family is also arriving, except our football coach son, who's football team is in the state playoffs.

    My wife always asks for everyone's Christmas wish list on Thanksgiving day, as most of us are all together. Then we do most of our shopping online, avoiding the chaos of stores, and especially, Black Friday.

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