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Thread: My adult nappy/diaper reviews

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    Default My adult nappy/diaper reviews

    In case anyone is interested in an opinion on some of the things I have tried more recently.

    Me:Male, 5' 10", 11 stone. Size Medium.

    Tena Slip Maxi (Europe)

    Probably still my favourite.


    I really like the fit of these. The tape landing zone design makes it really easy to get the fit right every time. Nice and form fitting in front, with a little bit more padding in the back but definately not one of the thickest when dry.
    Plastic is really nice and quite soft, not the noisest but not the quietest either, so for me a nice compromise. I like the fact that when dry they are trim enough to avoid being paranoid when out and about but super absorbent no matter what size of wetting I do. They are mostly white which is good.


    Large SAP amount means they take loads, in my experience pretty much as good as anything out there. The large SAP count means the trim fit gets replaced by some bulk. After one wetting unless its huge, I find it still very discreet. If its a huge wetting or two, then it can get quite bulky.
    Being plastic I have no issues with losing form, the tapes hold really well and it doesn't sag excessively. Leak protection is excellent as well as very good odour control. One thing that I am particularly impressed with is that after you wet, other than it bulking up a bit and firming up, it remains very comfortable.

    Summary: Great fit and look when dry. Excellent absorbency and leak protection. One of the best.
    Rating: 9/10

    Molicare Super Plus


    Definately a bit more old school, with loads more pulp than the tena slip. As a result its much thicker out of the packet. I find it a little awkward fixing the bottom tab, but tend to attach it in a slightly upwards manner. The result is an excellent seal around the legs.
    With the extra thickness, i find it puffs out quite a lot at the front. The thickness extends through the legs and out the back too, leading to a nice padded seat. Discretion is definately more of a challenge and its quite obvious if you are wearing light coloured tracksuit pants.
    They are light purple in colour, which isn't as bad as it sounds. The plastic is lovely and soft, but pretty noisy, which I think the puffy fit contributes to.


    Lower SAP levels doesn't mean less aborbency in this case, IMHO. These can take a couple of bug wettings. One thing you do notice that is if you do a moderate wetting in the tena, it will bulk up a bit in the front but mainly stay there. With the molicare, the pulp wicks the wetness over a much larger area and after a little time you can feel its wicked through your legs and started to cover your bum.
    They swell up a bit but nothing like as big an increase in size. Wet comfort is not as good as the tena for me, you certainly are more aware that you are wet and are likely to want to change sooner.

    Summary: Old school nappy, lots of padding, pretty bulky and noisy even when dry. Can take a serious soaking. Still one of the top adult nappies.
    Rating: 8 out of 10

    Attends Slip Regular Plus M10 (Europe)


    First thing you notice is how soft the plastic is, yet also quite rustly. I had a problem with the fit, the wings and in particularly the lower tape were difficult to fit and not that comfortable. This is the biggest disappointment for me as it means i could not get a very comfortable fit. Bulk was reasonable front and back and discretion requires the right choice of clothes or long tops.


    Very good abosrobency, again up with the best. They swell up pretty well due a good combination of pulp and SAP.

    Summary: Not easy to get hold of. Could have been excellent but, ruined by my inabilty to get it to fit right, shame.
    Rating 5 out of 10.

    Attends Slip Active M10


    Only ever tried one other belted type nappy, being the tena flex and didn't like it. I expected to not like this either, but was actually quite surprised. Fit is actually very good and extremely comfortable, almost doesn't feel like you are wearing anything. The wrap around wings are cloth, but the main absoirbant area is covered in incredibly soft plastic.
    There are two big tapes that fasten and almost meet in the middle. There is also an extra drip pad on the front that helps the belt hold tight. The nappy is very thin and can be folded up and put in a large coat pocket, which didn't fill me with confidence regarding absorbancy, but meant it is very discreet.


    Very surprised how much this could take. Lots of SAP meant it sucks up everything and bulks up quite a bit. I was also worried about leg leaks but didn't have any problems.
    I have only tried these twice so limited experience.

    Summary: Not a belt nappy fan, but if disccretion with aborsbancy is important to you these might be worth trying.
    Rating: 6.5 out of 10

    Lille Supreme Fit maxi


    Very thick and cloth cover means they are actually very comfortable but bulky so quite difficult to hide under clothes. Being cloth, you can tape them on pretty snug, but the snugness seems to ease off after a bit of wear. Cloth cover means they are very quiet too.


    Very thirsty and can take a lot, but lose shape and sag a lot between your legs. I have had problems with moisture "sweating" through the cover and odour control is pretty poor. The only way I wear these with any confidence is by wearing plastic pants over them, otherwise i end up with wet patches on seats.

    Summary: Pretty easy to get hold of in disability stores, absorbant, but completely let down by cloth cover, which sags when wet, allows odour through and leaks mositure through the cover. Will buy only if i can't get anything else.
    Rating 3.5 out of 10.

    Hope it helps

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    Default Re: My adult nappy/diaper reviews

    I agree with the tena slip maxi they are my favorite

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    Yeah, the tena slip maxi were my favourite too. Recently though, they all went cloth backed here in Australia. Not as good now

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    It a shame the tena don't fit around the legs as well as molicare, otherwise they would be perfect, I not tried the cloth back tena yet, it a real shame they going that way..

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    I think your trials back up 100% with what I also found with all of these.
    I also agree the Tena slip Maxi is my favourite
    These are the main ones I use on a day to day basis.
    Great Reviews and well written

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    Great review.
    I'll receive the Tena slip maxi's tomorrow - currently I'm with the Abena M4..can't wait to compare them up agains each other.

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    Thanks for the feedback:-)

    I have tried loads of others over the years. If anybody is interested in any others, I could let you know what I think but some of them were quite a while ago.

    Others I have tried; tena slip super, delta form M3, Euron form super plus, contifit maxi, abena m4 (plastic), tender care, vlesi slip night, Lille classic fit, soffisoff night.
    Last edited by Ruud26; 24-Nov-2012 at 09:16.

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    Has any one tried Abena S2 before?

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    Unfortunately not. I always go for the highest absorbency. I only got the tena super as they didn't have the maxi.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruud26 View Post
    Others I have tried; tena slip super, delta form M3, Euron form super plus, contifit maxi, abena m4 (plastic), tender care, vlesi slip night, Lille classic fit, soffisoff night.
    I'm interested to hear what you think of the Eurons and Delta M3s. I use Euron super-plus and I really like them; have been considering getting some Deltas and I was wondering how they compare.

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