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Thread: abena m2 vs m3 in public

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    Default abena m2 vs m3 in public

    I'm trying to decide between an abena M2 or an M3. I would be wearing it under my clothes in public. Does anyone have any experience with either or both of them? xpmedical claims that they're both 0.3 inches dry. Honestly, I would mostly be wearing them in public for the enjoyment of the bulk when dry, and not really for their intended purposes, but I might. Would both be equally discreet under normal jeans when dry? How much bulkier do the M3's get compared to m2's when wet? Does one flare out more than the other? I really don't want any obvious diaper butt, but if I'm not going to use them while out, I'd rather get the M3's in case I decide to use them in my apartment when I get home. Also, are they both white with that blue design like the M4's?

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    The M3s are a bit bulkier, but I think either are wearable under jeans unless they're super, super tight jeans.

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    how discrete your diapers are is 100% related on what clothes you have on and how you tape your diaper .you shouldn't have a problem hiding either with relaxed jeans and a tee shirt and the colors of abena diapers are different based on level of protection i believe.
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    Abenas aren't the easiest to tape in terms of discreetness, but if you don't tape them well you are going to feel that they are visible even if they are not. But if you tape tape them right you will feel just right.

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