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Thread: What Nov 10th means to me.

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    Default What Nov 10th means to me.

    November 10th 1775 a Corps of Marines were formed in Tun Tavern located in Philadelphia. Tomorrow will be the 233rd Birthday of the United States Marine Corps. I spent 6 year of my life in the Corps and still look back to those days with pride still today. I got out of the Marines in 1983 and the job market sucked so I joined the Army where I stayed until I retired 11 years ago. So while you are going about your every day duties please remember those Marines in harms way. I was there 26 years ago in Beirut and will never forget my time there. So with no further ado Semper FI carry on!

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    I forgot it was a holiday...I think...But, it means nothing to me...When I was in grade school though, it meant a day off (I think)

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    Semper Fidelis. If all goes according to plan, I'll go to OCS next fall after I graduate. Hopefully, I'll become an infantry officer.

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    Thanks..Doubledbbw...for your years in the Marine Corps and Army defending our country so all of us can live in a free country.


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    strange, i'm getting nov 11 off of school. i'll be sure to honor it on the 10th.

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    We honored Veteran's Day today in church. We had all of our veterans stand up. One of the tenors in my choir was a fighter pilot in WW II. Another man who comes to the first service stormed the beaches at Normandy. He was hit and his guts were spilled over the beach. He was triaged as not to be saved, but he did live and is with us each Sunday. He is a living miracle. You can tell the generation gap when our young ones say they don't know or care, but there was a lot of blood spilled so that we can live every day as free to come and go, free to think and speak, and not live under fear and tyranny. I thank all those veterans who put themselves into harms way for me and my loved ones. God bless you forever.

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    That day means two days from my boyfriends birthday XP

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    For all the veterans, and the families of veterans, thank you. As an American, there is one thing I instinctively know, and it's that the troops of the past and present are what ensure that grateful citizens like me can maintain their freedom.

    Thank you!

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    Ah, Remembrance day tomorrow... It's a shame when people forget about it (I mean, the clue is in the name!).

    Still, it's nice to see people wearing poppies, especially students.

    It's an important day... According to wikipedia there were approx. 994,138 British deaths during world war 1 alone, 885,138 being Soldiers. With numbers that large it's sometimes hard to comprehend the significance of that.
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