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  • Mooing

    2 5.56%
  • Rare

    10 27.78%
  • Medium

    15 41.67%
  • Burnt/ Well Done

    9 25.00%
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Thread: Steak Thread

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    Default Steak Thread

    (no offense Pojo )

    How do You like your steak cooked ?

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    Somewhere in between medium and well done. I like it juicy, but not bleeding. :P

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    I'm going to go with medium because we don't normally eat out. I don't really know or care, steak is steaky steak.

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    I myself like my steak rare or medium rare. Well done tastes like shoe leather, and medium well isn't much better. I like a pink center with a lot of juice. I want a nice juicy steak, anything else is like bleh. After I have eaten the steak, I will gnaw on the bone that the steak came from (if it came with a bone) like a dog. Don't get between me and my bone, or you'll be sorry! My brother well knows this fact.

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    Butterfly Mage


    But... I'm a vegetarian. I like my steak, er, uh... hee hee

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    I like it on the rare side of medium rare, cooked just enough that the center stays red but warms up a bit and makes the steak nice and juicy. If its too well done, it just doesn't taste all that good to me

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    *gives ya a grilled Portabella Shroom and a bottle of AI* there

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