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Thread: what might happen if i speak to a therapist about my ABDL?

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    Default what might happen if i speak to a therapist about my ABDL?

    My wife suggested that I go. Judging by some of the responses If any of you have told your therapist what happened?

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    It depends on the therapist. Why do you want to see a therapist? Are you going for understanding the issue, or behavior modification?

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    if you wife wants you to go.. is it just for that reason of being a ABDL... if it is then why not talk to here.. and if you do decide to go the therapist then have your wife come in with you so she can understand.

    like Little Patrick said before me "why do you want to see a therapist"

    my friend told his therapist and he was perfectly understanding. mainly cause they have too.. their job is to listen to you not to criticize you. plus they cant tell any one else due to a confidentiality form you sign when you see them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjs234 View Post
    My wife suggested that I go. Judging by some of the responses If any of you have told your therapist what happened?
    Well, he didn't run out of the door (much to my surprise)! He said that I might be surprised at how common it is and that, given the anxiety levels I've experienced from age 5 or 6 onwards, it's not surprising that I find comfort in "regressing".

    The behaviour itself isn't problematic (for me, anyway), so once we'd discussed possible underlying causes (feeling jealous of the attention my newborn sister received, suddenly becoming aware of death and finding "adult responsibilities" terrifying, and being expected to not show emotion as I grew up etc.) we're spending our time talking about them (amongst other things). The embarrassing fact that I wear nappies seems quite irrelevant.

    I definitely don't regret it... Good luck!

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    I have seen a shrink too, long before I know what ABDL was, and my old shrink didn't know either, but was convinced I was ok in that regards. Shrinks are smart. They won't assume bizzare behavior and urges like ours are destructive, like the general population might.
    Good luck.

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    If it's an open minded one, they don't really care. They may ask you questions about it like do you go to the bathroom in them or why do you do it and if you have one on now. They may also find it "interesting" and tell you you aren't hurting anyone with it and it's nothing bad. They may also tell you it's an adult decision you make. They may also try and help you understand why you have such urges and desires to do it.

    Closed minded ones will tell you how taboo it is and socially inappropriate it is. They will also tell you it's regression and will try and help you figure out the root of the cause of it so you can work on that problem there that is causes such desire. Or they may blame it on your mental condition or your trauma or whatever. They may also ask you questions like if you go to the bathroom in them or wear out in public and then they criticize you about it if you say yes.

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    I don't regret it either. Just be sure you are at least somewhat comfortable with telling this, and try to go all out on this. I'm not saying you will, but you might end up hindering yourself.

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    guy was understanding, but had to balance the parent's desires with the child's (i.e., my) desires... he thought it would be a good idea to try to get rid of the thing... needed to keep the $$$ (from parent) flowing... didn't work out obviously was just kinda a waste of time for half a year... guy was genuinely worried about me and concerned for my future... don't really fault him, es was just doin his job...

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    I had been going for years upon years. Of the three I went to, they all looked at it from a very academic standpoint. As I am a huge nerd myself, I enjoyed we would explore the topic in an overtly mature fashion, pouring over the DSM-IV together. Originally, I went because my then-girlfriend, now soon to be ex-wife, wanted me to go, mainly for the AB issue. However, none of them saw it as a problem and said it was in all likelihood a healthy manifestation of a counterbalance to some emotional deficit. More than anything, I just loved having someone to talk to, since I never could with the missus. :P

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    what happens is they lock you in a mental institution and force-ably baby you for the rest of your natural life until you die.

    As others said it's not a big deal and they'll just discuss why you do it. Also perhaps try and figure out why you wanted to try it in the first place. But in general it's not a big deal at all.

    I'd suggests talking about it as it's nice to have a non-paritsian view point.

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